Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Twitter sensation, seven year old Bana appeals to us from dying city of Aleppo

With the help of her mom, Bana Alabed has been tweeting from Aleppo to raise awareness about the plight of her people


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    PC went out Saturday , I will have to tell you about it .
    I picked it up today , I can get to the blogs but not to the dashboard , I want you to know things are going okay here and hopefully by the weekend the geek squad can get back to me . They are rushed because of the holidays , but I am so thankfully I can let you know thinks are okay .
    I have so much to tell you . Jonny's girlfriend is a sweetheart . Well turkey day is tomorrow and as usual we will have it in the barn with all the family and friends ,,, Yes , I bake all their birthday cakes , you think they are spoiled Hahahaha !!!
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    1. Dad / Cubs sends their love to you and your family . Hope the boys and Jaye/ Pete is doing good and her trip is still on go .
      Love PIC

  2. I am glad to hear you guys are okay. Good luck with the PC. It's brilliant that you like Jonny's girlfriend.
    It's important to boys that their mama, in particular, likes their girlfriends.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know the food will be fabulous and the joy will be contagious. Miss you and would love a chat when you can get the time after Thanksgiving.
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    your PIC and friend

  3. Love back at ya HB and all my gorgeous and brilliant Cubs. Have a wonderful Turkey Day and lots of fun
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