Sunday, November 13, 2016

So can the guy be impeached?? Maybe not

Thousands of protesters gather outside Trump Tower Saturday night in the largest demonstration to date. Huge marches occurred in other large cities simultaneously, Saturday evening. Organizers are planning further protests.

So, can Trump be impeached? Well, it would take an act of Congress, if my high school, American history course was accurate. Both the House and the Senate would have to be in accord. The House of Representatives would have to come up with reasons and evidence of violations and the Senate would deliberate, and if convinced there was just cause, they would hold a formal trial.
Trump's crimes would have to fall into one of the categories outlined in Article II of the Constitution, and interpreted as:
  • Exceeding the constitutional bounds of the powers of office
  • Behavior grossly incompatible with the proper function and purpose of the office
  • Employing the power of the office for an improper purpose or for personal gain.
Here's the problem .... The Republicans control both houses in this administration. They will not want their sunny eyed boy to be impeached unless he committed the worst kind of treason and utmost betrayal of his country. Even then, they would dither a little before making Pence president because he is far more experienced in politics and politicking and may not be so impressionable or pliable as the totally uninformed Trump. The Republicans have the perfect setup, a win-win, a trifecta .
It has only been two days since Donald Trump was elected the president elect of the United States but outraged voters have already started looking into ways to prevent him from assuming office or to cut his presidency short.
In the hours after the results were made public, Google searches for "impeachment" surged and at least one law professor believes there may be enough evidence to impeach Trump for alleged fraud and racketeering activities
Unlike previous presidents-elect, Trump finds himself facing a number of lawsuits, including one for alleged fraud involving Trump University. Trump has been sued a whopping 3500 times in his career ... by partners, contractors , employees, clients, students at Trump University and even banks. ( By the way, he still has not backed down from his oft-repeated campaign pledge to have a special prosecutor “lock up” Hillary Clinton.)
University of Utah law professor Christopher Lewis Peterson claimed before the election that there could be evidence for Trump to be impeached based on his alleged crimes with the now defunct Trump University. Trump wants to delay the class-action fraud suit from coming to trial on Nov. 28 until after his inauguration in January. His attorney gave that message to a judge on Thursday, two days after Trump was elected president.
When the judge asked why, Trump's attorney, Daniel Petrocelli, summed it up like this:
"In view of Mr. Trump’s election as President of the United States, your honor."
Petrocelli also questioned whether Trump actually would be available to testify in court as a sitting president. He said never has there been a case in the history of the United States in which a president had to come into court to testify in a trial as a defendant. ( Maybe those presidents weren't crooks)

Unlike his promised crimes yet to come, the illegal acts in Trump's high-pressure wealth seminars have already occurred. Indeed, a federal judge appointed under Article III of the US Constitution has already determined that Trump's alleged actions, if true, constitute fraud and racketeering, Peterson wrote in an essay. "[Prior to Trump's inauguration,] Congress would be well within its legal rights under the Constitution to insist upon a president who is not a fraudster, racketeer or tax evader as defined in its own law."

Only two presidents have been at the center of the impeachment process in the House, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. However, Johnson and Clinton were acquitted by the Senate and remained in office. Meanwhile, Richard Nixon resigned on 9 August 1974 ahead of an almost-certain impeachment in the wake of the Watergate scandal.

Peterson noted in his essay that the Constitution does not limit impeachment to crimes committed while in office. "The fact that Trump has attempted to publicly misrepresent the facts and circumstances surrounding his alleged fraud and racketeering should weigh in the calculus over whether impeachment for pre incumbency crimes is appropriate," Peterson said.

"Just as Trump appears to have lied about his role in Trump University to students, he has throughout the election continued to misrepresent the cases that focus on his misrepresentations," Peterson added.

However, with Republicans controlling both the House and the Senate, it is unlikely Trump will face a preemptive impeachment. University of California political science professor Eric Schickler told the New York Post that impeachment is "ultimately a political decision."

"There is discretion for Congress to define its range," he said. If Democrats were to pursue impeachment, and were successful, they would still have to contend with Trump's ultra-conservative and politically-savvy vice president, Mike Pence.

And here is the beautiful first lady. I seem to remember Republicans criticizing Michelle
for showing her bare arms too much. I believe it's possible that some people are hypocrites or have very short memories


  1. 'The Great Orange One' and his store bought wife deserves each other .
    If there is a way , The American people will find it . The fat lady haven't song yet .
    Good post
    Love PIC

  2. She has a lovely body and the whole world has seen all of it. I notice she has small nipples. Poor Michelle, she was actually belittled for wearing sleeveless dresses. As I said in my article impeachment is entirely up to congress and chances of that are next to nil. Your government has an interesting setup, and in this case it won't work in your best interest as evidenced by the sheer numbers of people who are protesting.
    How was your weekend? Ours was great but we are worn to a nub.
    See you later Witchy old pal
    Luv PIC


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