Thursday, November 03, 2016

So long Shlump

America does not deserve Trump as president. It's a wonderful, colorful, melting pot of  nations from all over the globe who worked together and built  a remarkable and powerful nation. Americans are proud and patriotic and have always represented the best that freedom and democracy can offer. No constitution, or form of government is perfect but America has the best in the world. No war or tragedy was so profound that you could not rise above it by sticking together.
No economy is stable as long as global economy is not stable and one person or even one country cannot repair the financial state of the world. If you offend, ignore or refuse to co-operate with other countries, you are isolating yourselves when, some day, you might need friends and allies. If you build walls around your country, you only imprison yourselves. 
Don't let one man convince you that America is not great, that your country is falling apart, living in poverty, everyone is corrupt and you can't trust anyone -  and he is the only one that can fix things. America is a great country, the most prosperous and powerful in the world and it became great without Donald Trump. He will take you down. He has already damaged your image in the eyes of the world with his pathological lying, vicious slander and murky past.  He is an enemy maker and a war monger.
Don't hand him the power to control your future and destroy the principles and fundamental truths your country was founded on.

A very concerned friend


  1. You are so right about Trump , He is friends with Putin with Putin , He has the morals as slimy thing that's looking for a rock to crawl under .
    I never knew / heard of so many misguided people .
    I wonder why Trump's supporters can't see after he need them no more ... he will do them like when he shit in the toilet , flush them down the drain .
    Trump is all talk and no substance ,the media seldom write or broadcast about the real people which is many more than Trump's idiots , as Mr. Humble calls them a bunch of 'BUBBLING' fools which mean if you put a pot of water on to boil , they don't have sense enough to turn the fire out, so they watch it til it boils over , how stupid id that HUH ???
    Great observation concern Friend . Thanks

    PIC , with friends like that , Trump don't have a chance .
    Love PIC

    1. A lot of people can be easily convinced their lives are terrible and be swayed by grandiose promises. They are like sheep who will follow someone who seems strong and powerful. Look at the people who followed Hitler. People like that need to be led. They don't give deep thought to anything and don't use their powers of reasoning. Thinking probably gives them a headache and takes time away from their favorite TV shows. I hope there are more of the intelligent thinking kind Americans than the sheep. We all have our share of sheep in every country.
      Luv ya


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