Thursday, November 10, 2016

Protests all over US to Trump presidency

Protesters descended on Trump Towers in both New York City and Chicago the evening of November 9 to express outrage over the election of Donald Trump as president. “Hey, ho, Donald Trump has got to go,” they chanted.
When some people saw cameras, they gave the finger and said, “F–ck Donald Trump. Donald Trump go away, racist, sexist, anti-gay.” (Warning: There is graphic language in some of the videos.)

Much of the world knew a few hours after voting concluded that Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States, based on the tally of electoral college votes. But as of Wednesday morning, Hillary Clinton was still leading in the popular vote, by a margin of 135,495. Clinton had 59,186,057 votes, while Trump had garnered 59,049,470.



  1. Now the whole world know how stupid some Americans are ... where the hell were you before the election ...oh my goodness gracious ... you can't fix 'STUPID.'
    Good post
    Love PIC

  2. Thanks PIC. Take care.
    Love PIC

    1. PIC ,
      I did not mean where were you .... What I meant was where were all these people when Trump was campaigning for office ? Sorry if you thought I offended you .
      I was speaking of the demonstrators . Maybe I should make my comments short like yours HUH!!!
      Love PIC


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