Monday, November 14, 2016

Jump on the Trump band wagon to Russia and climate change

Top level Republicans like  House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader  Mitch McConnell, and an impressive list of other representatives and senators denounced and distanced themselves from the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, narcissistic, Islamiphobic – you name it, Trump.  And yet they are all jumping on his band wagon now ...boy are they jumping, now that it is politically safe for them to do so.
And guess what? The stock market recovered. So I guess all is well in the land of stars and stripes.
 No need to worry about anything outside of those borders. No matter that Trump is pissing on the rest of the world.

Allow me to elaborate:
 - Trump is going to withdraw from Syria and allow Russia the privilege of killing off all the rebels. It is no concern of America's that Putin is committing war atrocities and crimes against humanity, according to the United Nations War Crimes Commission. He has been targeting hospitals and temporary field hospitals and centers for humanitarian aid. He recently bombed a school  and a convoy of trucks carrying food, water, medicines and volunteers for humanitarian aid. Since the election Putin has ramped up his efforts in Syria and a few days ago deployed the largest fleet of Russian warships since the 'Cold War' to Syria. Furthermore he is aiding and abetting Assad who thinks nothing of torturing and chemically poisoning his own people and has committed genocide on a scale never witnessed before.

This is the guy Mr Trump wants to make friends with.  A guy who has had absolute power  for so long, he is ego-centric, unstable and is driven by contempt for anyone he sees as weak or anything such as international treaties or agreements, or any organizations outside of Russia.  He is not bound by rules of civility, or indeed any rules at all. This is not my observation, but that of a number of prominent psychologists and you can Google that.
 In many ways he is like Mr Trump and that promises to be a very deadly duo. It could lead to one-up-man-ship on a global scale. Don't forget that the president has absolute power over those nuclear codes. Mr trump does not realize he is being manipulated by a master manipulater. No one would dare trick the Donald. He would sue them and have them put in prison with Hillary.

 And what about the rest of the world? These two guys don't give a rat's ass about it. When we should be globalizing our concerns for the planet and the climate, these men are isolating and cutting their countries off from the rest of the world, with the exception of Russian encroachment in Ukraine and Syria, and it won't stop there.
In fact Trump is withdrawing America from the Paris climate agreement. As he put it, he did not want other countries telling him what to do about carbon emissions or anything else. 200 countries came to the table and ratified that agreement but if the US, one of the biggest polluters in the world, does not keep their word, it is almost impossible to slow down global warming.
But who cares if the world roasts in it's own juices and kills off the human race .... the stock market is looking good.
 I think I'm done here -  just too disillusioned for any more words.


  1. This post says it all .
    As you know we went public , therefore they was watching the market closely / stocks always went down after presidential elections , Wednesday , Dad checked the market and he said what the hell , the stocks are climbing like mad . my man said lets take a look , computer here they come ... all the stocks they invested in was climbing .
    good post
    Love PIC

  2. Yes they sure are. I guess everyone is pretty happy about that.
    I guess your thanksgiving is pretty soon. I always forget what day American thanksgiving is. It is pretty close to December, I know that much. And after Black Friday. Or am I wrong?
    Anyway, take care of yourself, say hello to my old boy,
    All the best luv PIC

    1. Thanksgiving is the 24th of November ... Thanksgiving is always the last Thursday in November.
      Black Friday is the next day . I never shop on Black Friday .
      I don't think they are very happy , they think something is amiss because this is out of the norm .I will say hello to him , The Fair left yesterday and he took pictures of Susan and I, we was going on a hayride Hahahaha!!! ... Susan told him he had to buy her a corn dog .
      All the best to you
      Love PIC


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