Monday, June 20, 2016

The Roving Reporter : Louisiana twins found dead inside 3-year-old hot pickup truck

BOSSIER CITY, La. (WGNO) -– Police are investigating the heat deaths of a little boy and his twin sister. The toddlers were found inside a pickup truck outside their home in Bossier City Saturday afternoon.

KTBS reports that the twins' mother called neighbors looking for her children before discovering them in the truck.

No word on how the twins managed to climb inside the truck and close the door.

Authorities said they easily could have been inside for two hours.

The children's father was not home at the time. KTBS reports that he is a Bossier Parish sheriff`s deputy.

RIP  little angels .

Friends  this is a terrible shock ,they  live  across the river  from us .  

My heart goes out to them .

The Roving Reporter                  G.


  1. Hate to be a nay sayer but isn't your truck or vehicle one of the first places you would look for the kids before you start calling the neighbors. It is just a little odd that two toddlers could be missing for that length of time (time enough for them to die)before the mom sounded an alarm. I think she was somewhat neglectful.
    So very sad. They are beautiful children.

  2. My Lady , I do so agree with you on this one ,you have to keep your eyes on small kids.
    As you know there is a grapevine among the employees on the property , they said their is something fishy . I wonder the same thing , We tied bells on Man when he was little and shut the bathroom doors , bell quiet , we looked for him . We also locked the car doors .
    It makes me think about the little beauty queen Jon Beth Ramsey .How could she not keep a watch out after a few minutes , someone could grab them or worse .
    I agree with my son , there are people that do not deserve kids .


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