Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Another fascinating animal, suggested by Jake...the Mantis Shrimp

Warning: the commentator says 'bastard' a couple of times

Compilation of short clips of Smasher Mantis Shrimp dismantling very large crabs.

Notice how they can sever a claw with their smashing mandibles. They are very powerful and can take apart a large crab completely, a piece at a time.


  1. Aunt Jeannie , please thank Jakey for us , those are mean little devils , daddy and uncle Chris fish with tiny shrimp , not like these . they buy them at the bait place .
    We like learning about things we did not know and we tell others .
    Aunt Jeannie how are you doing , feeling better .
    We are having fun and enjoying being out of school . All the cubs send their love to you and everyone , hope you are sitting outside enjoying nice weather .
    We help Eloise make dinner sometime , we make the salads .
    We love you very much .
    Mama said poppa is walking round like the peacock spider .
    Uncle Greg and uncle Glenn and uncle Gene is here , they are talking to people from around the country , Uncle Gene is uncle Glenn twin brother .
    We try to listen to find out what is going on , they talk business we do not understand .
    Thanks for the video aunt Jeannie and hope you are feeling well .
    Wrote by Sha

    1. Hi Sha,
      I thanked Jakey for you. He was pleased and said he will keep an eye out for anything else you might be interested in. I'm not sure if I want to eat shrimp again. I don't want to make their mean cousin angry. He'll just snip my arm off. I never knew anything about the mantis before Jake told me they could see 9 more colors than we can. I can't even imagine nine more colors...can you?
      Our weather is awesome right now and I hope yours is too. We like our garden. It's not fancy but lots of wildlife visit it. We have raccoons, possums, rabbits, groundhogs, ducks, squirrels and chipmunks...sometimes a beaver will come out of the stream and we have coywolves and birds too. They don't all visit at once of course. And we get deer sometimes. My two dogs love to chase them all. Mooch is so old, he only chases them for about three steps but he barks at them. He chased a baby chipmunk into our house a couple of days ago and we made Jeremy catch it. It took him almost an hour, crawling around behind furniture, and boy was he getting steamed. I told him not to hurt it and gave him a butterfly net and he finally caught the little critter in a bedroom and let it go. Jeremy thinks he is too dignified to crawl around on the floor chasing a rodent.
      I bet Eloise likes you guys to help her. It sure is salad weather and I like to invent new ones.
      You have so many uncles on both sides of your family, I bet you can't count them all. You are lucky kids to have such a large family. Men love to talk business. It makes them feel important like peacock spiders. Guys like feeling important ..Hahahaha!
      I am glad to hear you are having fun in the nice weather and it is good to be free of school for a while. You are most welcome for the video.
      Lots of love to all the cubs and my pretty young lady
      Aunt Jeannie


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