Wednesday, March 02, 2016


Shadows overtake the day and darkness softly steals the light away.
I see the maple tree needs trimming, I watch the lilacs slowly fade.
Reflecting, on the threshold of the twilight of my life;
The gloaming, the brief hour between sundown and the night.

Have I been forgiving, have I been fair ?  Did I do more harm or good?
Did I love them beyond measure, hold them as closely as I should?
Will they think of me and smile, remembering sweet and playful days,
Or recall with melancholy, every frown and wounding phrase?

I see the ivy's overgrown and the sunflowers gone to seed.
The  roses, speckled brown, fight for space among the weeds.
There's no certainty that I fulfilled my loved ones' every need.
I can't turn back the clock, erase mistakes and try again,
But there's still time to draw them nearer, embrace their dreams, 
To make amends.

As for my dreams, well, some came true and some have flown.
I am not sorry. I cannot  truly miss what I have never known.
And if now and then, for just a heartbeat, I sigh, I am not sad,
I see a humming bird among the bluebells and think, life is not so bad,
And the scent of  fragile, but enduring roses persuades me I am glad.

I did tolerably well and squarely faced my own ordeals.
So I continue on my journey to find what wisdom it reveals.
And as I cross the threshold of the twilight of my life,
 I do not fear the coming of the black and boundless night.

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