Friday, March 18, 2016

St Patrick's day party ... end of March break..Waterloo

Every St Patrick's Day the students of our local universities gather on Ezra Avenue and party. As usual they were exuberant and rowdy. There is always a strong police presence but the cops are friendly and have pictures taken with the kids. They just monitor the kids to keep the noise down. This year they confiscated a few unlawful kegs of beer but the kids were good natured about it and helped the cops load the kegs into the squad car. One has to wonder what the officers will do with the beer at the end of the day...just saying.
This video was Laurier University's street party. I heard a few of the others were a bit wilder. Oh, to be young again, and have that bottomless capacity for booze. And have to ask your best friend, the next day, if you had a good time  ... or did you embarrass yourself again.

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