Monday, March 21, 2016

The Roving Reporter : Anti-Donald Trump ads criticize Melania Trump for nude photos in bid for Utah's voters

 Anna Swartz   Mar 21st 2016 
There are plenty of reasons not to vote for reality television personality and current Republican front-runner Donald Trump — his racist tirades or his extreme anti-immigration rhetoric, for example — but one anti-Trump group is hoping to slow the candidate's momentum by slut-shaming his wife.
Make America Awesome, a conservative super PAC devoted to "blocking and reversing Donald Trump's political ascent" is hoping to convince Mormon voters in Utah to vote for Texas Senator Ted Cruz over Trump by running a series of ads on social media, one of which shows Melania Trump, posing naked on what appears to be furs and jewelry, reports Buzzfeed.
The text over the image reads, "Meet Melania Trump. Your next first lady. Or, you could support Ted Cruz on Tuesday."
Liz Mair, the political strategist behind Make America Awesome, told Buzzfeed that the ad is expected to reach 10,000 voting-age Mormons per day. The message behind the ad is clear: A woman who once posed nude for British GQ doesn't deserve to be a first lady. But that sentiment is troubling for a lot of reasons.
Women should be able to wear (or not wear) whatever they want without being slut-shamed for it. Whether it's snapping a nude selfie or posing nude for a body-positive photographer, it's up to the women involved to decide how to present their bodies.
Posing nude — or not posing nude — shouldn't be a metric by which we judge the quality of a person's character. Hateful opinions and violent rhetoric should, though — So decide whether you'll vote for Trump based on what he says, not because of what his wife did or didn't wear one time.

Well , I will leave it to you , the voters to make up your own minds .

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  1. Bravo! That is a low and completely unscrupulous blow. Even Trump does not deserve that kind of slander. And his wife was a model; her beauty was her product. I'm sure she had no idea that she would ever become first lady. She did nothing shameful. As you said, that is not a yardstick to judge a person's character by. Melania is not only beautiful, she is very intelligent and speaks several languages. She would be an asset to Donald if he ever made it to the White House. But let's hope that never happens.
    Good article and boy, what a beautiful body. ( Melania's, not yours)
    Love and hugs

  2. I do not like what Trump stands for ,as you say that was a low blow . They went way back to find those pictures , if you look closely at the top in the red 'G' this GQ book was published in 2000 and the cost was $3.00 .
    Trump and Melanie was married January 22 , 2005 , she designs jewelry and watches .
    Every lady that is in the business do not sell her body , I have been in this business many years , I found them very professional as in type of work .

    I also think that it is a low blow and why now , they should have seen this coming . The Morons has more than 1 wife .
    The Morons should abide by their beliefs , if you are without sin , then throw the first stone .
    I know I have a great body , I have a big gun and I decided I am going to show it to you . {laughing my butt off}
    Hugs and love


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