Monday, March 21, 2016

Lament for young Canadian Soldier....'Tell My Father'

 John Gallagher, 32,  A Toronto born soldier who volunteered to stay on and fight after his period of active duty ended. He was struck down, fighting ISIS alongside Kurdish forces in Northern Syria.

John's Body returns home along the Highway of Heroes


  1. Just lovely my lady ,
    I can not say how moved I was by the song , I have watched this family here lose so many of their sons and daughters , it breaks your heart and you have no words to say , just hold them and cry with them .
    The song will say a lot of things to the father and he will know his son's life was lose protecting what he loved most . The son will always be in his heart .
    It was always told to me that kids was to bury their parents , so much evil in the world now , it is the other way around . Parents bury their kids and raise their grands .
    Lovey tribute to the son and father .
    Hugs and love

  2. I can never hear that song without weeping. So many lost young men and women. My heart breaks for them and their families. There were hundreds of people along the Highway of Heroes when his body came home. He received commendations for outstanding heroism. I think I will add a few pictures of his homecoming.
    Love and hugs Bfly


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