Saturday, June 28, 2014

LIES ( Or, The Wages of Sin )

Think carefully before you lie; as you are now, so once was I.
The truth and I were not acquainted, my every word was poison tainted.
Mendacity was my invention, I forged my fate with each pretension.
Gleefully I spread deception; for loved ones, I made no exception.
I felt the rot spread through my soul, yet, wealth and  power were my goal.
And so the mounds of gold grew high, each one acquired with a lie.
Many spurned me with disgust as I obliterated trust and turned their gift of love to dust.
Lavish style to spare, had I, and a penthouse in the sky.
And I didn't have a care, nor a soul with whom to share.
 A solitary, hollow life, no one heard my dying cries,
Nor would they care, if they had heard me beg forgiveness for my lies.
Stayed before the gates of heaven, they asked me....Was I kind ?
In keeping with my character, naturally, I lied.
Back to earth they thrust me, much to my chagrin,
To spend eternity within these walls, among all the things I bought with sin
 Be forthright and be truthful;  a scrap of wisdom from your host.
That is, if you have no objection to lessons from a ghost.

The Genie


  1. Hello PIC,

    Very scary and hollow .
    Why in heaven's name did you think of that ... all your poems was so beautiful and warming from the heart .

    I got a eerie and strange feeling when I read this poem .

    They finally got all of us back on line , thank goodness everyone had a generator .
    It wasn't a tornado ... just high winds , lightening and heavy rain . Just wanted to let you know I was back and hope you are well ?

    PS : Did you get my email last week telling you I was down for the count . Happy Canada Day Friend

  2. I am glad you are back online PIC.
    As you say, my poems are kind of all the same. I read a story recently about a terrible liar and wanted to try something different to see if I could do it.

    Be good, luv ya


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