Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ask Maxy

Dear Maxy
I am a man in my late 20s , and most of my friends are getting married and starting their lives . Meanwhile, I am still single . I always envisioned myself being married by now, so I feel a little disappointed . It's hard seeing my friends getting married and having a lifetime partner when I feel so alone . Furthermore, I'm scared that I'm going to feel even more isolated because the married couples will only socialize with one another . How do I enjoy this period in my friends lives and move forward at my own pace .
Moving Behind

Dear Moving Behind,
I understand your disappointment. In a way, you answered your own question, "move forward at my own pace." You have become static; you are not moving in any direction. It is up to you to change your situation by changing your focus.
You have lost your common ground with your friends. Their priorities and goals have changed and yours have not. Don't give up on your friends, they will always be there for you and you will still find time for them. But now you have to look after yourself. You need to find people who are at the same place in life that you are.
Go where you can meet and make friends with people who are single. Join a health club and start working out or take up a hobby . You could travel more and meet people that way. In short, do things and go places that keep you busy.

Your friends cannot change to accommodate you, now that they are married. And you cannot marry just to be part of their group. Please believe they still care for you and they will certainly respect you for living your life to the fullest. And one day, you and your friends will, once more, travel the same road with the same destination, but certainly not before you are ready.

Dear Maxy ,
Please print my pet peeve . I am  a senior  citizen and dislike  the terms  used  by waitresses ,waiters  and other serving  the public . I fee that I'm being patronized  when they call me "Sweetie,"  "Honey,"  "Darlin',"  "Angel," etc . These words want me to decrease  my tip .
"May I take  your order , please?" is  all that is necessary . If you  know my name use it .
Dear  B.
There  are some folks that like  these terms of endearment , but I agree  that they can seem patronizing .

No server  wants to insult  you . If you don't like  such terms, please  speak up , politely and  tell the server, "I'd appreciate  it if  you didn't  call me  "honey" etc.

Dear Maxy,
I have a bone to pick with pedestrians . I can't tell you how many times I have began  to walk up  a  flight of stairs  only to discover that someone is walking down  the side I am  walking up . As  a child , I learned  that you walk  up on  the right  side  and  down on the  left . Is that still the proper  way to use  stairs ? And when you are on an escalator  or  one of those  moving  walkways  in airports , aren't you supposed  to go to the right  if you are moving  slowly  or want to stand  still  and let fast movers  go on  the left ? Please tell  me that this  is true  and that I'm not  crazy .
Up The Stairs
Dear up the Stairs,
The  standard in America  is that  whether  you are walking  up or  down  a flight of stairs , your  right hand  should be  able to  hold onto  the handrail on your  right .  As you are walking  down a  flight of  stairs, for example, if someone is walking up  the same  flight of stairs, that person  should be passing  you on your  left  and therefore, not causing a collision .

It is true  that if you want  to pass  someone  on a staircase, whether it is moving or not, you pass on the  left, just as one does in a vehicle .


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