Monday, January 13, 2014

What's He Up to Now?

Rob Ford is seen with two people, who are not identified, at Muzik nightclub early Sunday.

Rob Ford became agitated Monday when reporters asked him about Instagram photos posted early Sunday that show the Toronto mayor at a downtown nightclub.

When asked if he was drinking at the club, Muzik Nightclub, located on the CNE grounds,  Ford responded by turning the question back on CBC News reporter Lorenda Reddekopp.

"Were you drinking this weekend?" he asked. "Well then. No, I wasn't drinking. I don't drink."

He was still fuming as he entered the elevator to attend Monday's special council meeting.
"Cause I got some attention at the clubs, is that what you're jealous about?" he asked.
Rob Ford in Muzik Nightclub

Mayor Ford posed for photos many times in  the club, this time with restaurant and bar owner Richard Lambert. (Instagram)
There are no reports that Ford was drinking at the event and he is not seen with a drink in any of the photos, which were posted on Instagram accounts for Muzik and Richard Lambert, who owns several Toronto bars.
Last fall after he publicly admitted to smoking crack cocaine in "one of my drunken stupors," Ford told CBC's Peter Mansbridge that he's "done with drinking."
Although he was not at the club himself on Sunday, Coun. Doug Ford told CBC that his brother's appearance at Muzik is part of a campaign strategy to reach younger voters. Doug Ford also said his brother was treated like a "rock star" at the club and only drank a sugar-free energy drink.
Muzik provided the beer and wine at the mayor's semi-regular FordFest parties.


  1. Hahahaha ... Ford is so funny , one thing I can say for the mayor , he keeps them coming back for more .
    Ford is good for the holiday trade , instead of going to the amusement part , people on holiday can go to city hall to see Ford ... Toronto is going to be shoveling in the bucks this summer ... what free PR Toronto is getting . Just sayin'

  2. Now that is a positive way to look at the situation PIC. I actually think you are on to something..Hahahaha! PIC

  3. I think I know what you have to do , PIC

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