Thursday, January 30, 2014

Here We Go Again

The ex-boyfriend of Mayor Rob Ford's sister has filed a lawsuit, which accuses the mayor of involvement in a jailhouse assault.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been named in a statement of claim that alleges he was behind the jailhouse assault of his sister's ex-boyfriend. CBC News' Jamie Strashin first reported that Scott MacIntyre has filed a statement of claim against Ford. Ford's lawyer, Dennis Morris, later confirmed the legal action to reporters.
"They are without fact or foundation," Morris told reporters at city hall.
The incident in question occurred in March of 2012, while MacIntyre was in custody in the Metro West Detention Centre. The Globe and Mail reports the lawsuit alleges that Aedan Petros orchestrated the assault, which left MacIntyre with shattered teeth and a broken leg.

Petros is described by the Globe as a "300-pound, violent criminal who played defensive tackle for Mr. Ford when he was the coach of the football team at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School."
Petros was arrested alongside Rexford Williams on Aug. 19, 2011, and charged with armed robbery, threatening death and aggravated assault, among other offences, in connection to an early-morning home invasion.

According to previous reports, by both the Sun News Network and the Toronto Star, Justice Paul French determined in a sentencing hearing that MacIntyre was viciously beaten in an episode of "jail-house justice" because "of his being a bother to [Mayor] Ford."
In an article published by the Toronto Sun's Joe Warmingon on Wednesday, Ford said he was sick of rumours that he was behind the attack on MacIntyre. He said the idea that he had directed a former football player to assault someone in jail was "far-fetched."
"It pisses me off," Ford is quoted as saying.
Ford also denied rumours that he was involved in the death of Anthony Smith, a young man he posed with in a photograph linked to Ford's crack video scandal. None of the allegations have been proven in court.

(Video courtesy The Canadian Press)