Monday, January 20, 2014

Canada tries hard to sell pipeline....Ambivalent Obama

Editorial cartoon for Jan. 20 by Gareth Lind

Obama vacillates and John Baird sweats.
Personally I hope the deal collapses.


  1. PIC,
    Got your back on this one sweetie .

    Now that's what I call standing your ground .... way to go BamBam .Now that was a breathe of fresh air ... Hahahaha!!!

  2. IS it okay to be mad at your own country? It's hard to be environmentally concerned when they keep digging up oil.

    Peed off PIC

  3. Yeah , it's okay to be mad at any country , especially if they are wrong .
    My concern now is that BamBam don't give in and stay on our side .
    Mother Nature is angry and it takes only a look to see she is more powerful than mere man .

    I do think there are more of us now than the fools and I think more is jumping on our band wagon... I have 1 /2 new members every week and we will be a force to be reckon with .

    Your Crusader told the people at her meeting today , the Polar Bears Cubs was kicking musty butts and taking names . Sheryl / Sha jumped up and said Amen , I thought Gil was going to bust a gut laughing .
    Keep up the good work , every little bit helps .
    Giggling PIC

  4. P.S . I let her have her meeting at Nanook's .
    luv PIC

  5. Love those Cubs,
    What a team. They really will kick butts. If they can't fix the planet, no one can.


  6. PS: BamBam is being wishy-washy again. He won't say yes or no to the pipeline. He wants to wait and see which way the political wind is blowing.
    Luv ya and proud of the Polar Bear Cubs


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