Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's Gonna be a White Weekend in Central and Eastern Canada....Button up

Keep those shovels handy

Toronto and outlying areas have struggled with snow for the last two days but better be prepared for the weekend onslaught. It's a doozie.

Snow ploughs have been working to clear highway 401 but they better  stay alert for the big one
coming in tonight

 Canucks enjoy the snow as long as it's not in their driveway or on the roads
I have to admit, we do have fun but I am staying inside by the fire this weekend  

So, you thought you had snow problems the last couple of days in the Toronto area with parts of the 401 blocked and with white-outs? Well my friends, a winter wallop is on the way for central and eastern Canada this weekend, with heavy snowfall amounts, up to 30 centimetres in some areas, along with gusty winds, blowing snow and bitter wind chills.

Southwestern Ontario will see the first effects of the storm, starting tonight. Unlike the snow squalls of the past few weeks, which were hit-and-miss for certain communities, this is expected to spread up to 30 centimetres of snow across a wide swath of the region by Saturday night. Strong, gusting winds are likely to kick up significant blowing snow across the entire area, creating hazardous driving conditions.

Winds blowing from the east ahead of the storm are expected to produce heavier bands of snow to the west of Lake Ontario, into the Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville areas. Environment Canada has issued Winter Storm warnings for both the City of Hamilton and Halton-Peel region as a result, with up to 25 centimetres of snow possible in some areas by Saturday night.
The snow and blowing snow are expected to push into eastern Ontario and southern Quebec later on Saturday, and due to the potential for a strong burst of snow and blowing snow across the area, forecasters have also issued Winter Storm watches from Brockville, Ottawa and Cornwall through the Montreal area and into the Eastern Townships. The storm will keep heading east until it reaches the Maritime provinces.

With all the snowy, and in some places dangerously-cold, weather we've had across North America so far this season, it's quite the switch from the downright balmy winters we've had over the past two years (comparatively speaking). So get out your long johns and mukluks Canada and hone your shovels. It looks like we may be buried for a while.

Football fans did not stay home this week

You have to  hand it to these guys. They played through sleet and snow right to the end

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