Friday, October 18, 2013

Snowball The Dancing Parrot


Snowball is a Medium Sulphur Crested Eleanora Cockatoo that dances to songs that he rates as having a "very good beat." He came to Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service, Inc. (a not for profit bird rescue and sanctuary) in August 2007 and continues to make us laugh with his fancy footwork.


  1. Aunt Jeannie , snowball dance so good and he is funny , Man and Bubba dance with him , we are doing good in school . Man had a big birthday party , he had so much fun he went to sleep before his teacher left .
    mama went to reno to help daddy and poppa with some grownups , we miss mama but talk to her every day . daddy goy Sha and me some shoes , we show them to mama and she roll her eyes and said Gil you did not and daddy grin and kiss mama .Aunt Jeannie we are doing real good in school , Jonny and Chris do not get lost anymore , daddy say the phone rings all the time for Jonny from the girls , Sha told daddy he should get Jonny his own phone and daddy said that not going to happen until Jonny get to be 25 , daddy is so funny .
    we will be leaving for the lake soon for poppa birthday , we will be back Sunday evening , Man had his birthday party at the barn because it was so many kids .
    we got poppa some presents and not food , he will have a lot of food at the lake .
    Jonny and Sha and Sheryl and Bubba and Man and I sends you a lot of love on a bright cloud , we love you very much.
    Kiss uncle Brian for us .
    Wrote by Jenny

  2. Hi there my Cubs,
    Snowball is a cool dude. I wish I could dance like him.
    It is wonderful to hear you are all doing well in school. I always knew you were very clever cubs and I expected you to do well.

    It sounds like Man had a great party. Now you can have another great party for Poppa. I bet he will enjoy it up at the lake with uncle Gregg helping with the cooking. Have lots of fun and give Poppa big hugs and kisses.
    How were Daddy and Poppa as baby-sitters? Pretty good?

    So the girls like Jonny do they? Maybe he will ask you to answer the phone and tell the girls he isn't home.

    How do you girls like your new high heels? You are so grown up now. Walk carefully so you don't fall over and bang your noses.
    Mama understands that you want to dress more grown up now. She has good taste in fashion so she is the one to ask for help.

    I hope it is not too cold at the lake for the party. It is getting nippy here and all the leaves have fallen. Have a fun weekend.

    Thankyou for my cloud of love. I really needed some love today. I am sending you all a red comet filled with love and magic wishes
    Hugs and kisses for all of you,

    Aunt Jeannie


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