Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ask Maxy

Dear MAXY,
I have been hurt many times  by men in my life . I am now ready to find one good man  to love forever . I've been looking online  and a man on one site  caught my attention  with his looks  and his profile . The problem is , he doesn't seem to be checking his emails .
Do you know  how I could find him ? I listed what little information I had on Craigslist , hoping someone would  recognize him , but no luck . This may be my lost love . Do you have any suggestions for finding him ?
Needs  a Man

Dear Needs a Man,
It is quite possible  this man isn't responding  to your emails  because he is not interested . You are dangerously  close to being a stalker. Please  stop searching  for this particular guy . Consider other men  who might  have more potential  if you back off  and give them time  to get to know you .

Dear MAXY ,
My daughter is 10 years old  and she is starting  the process of puberty . My daughter is extremely shy and I am afraid  that her classmates  will make fun of her . How can I ensure her transition  will be smooth and with minimal turbulence .
Becoming  a Lady

Dear Becoming a Lady,
Many children are beginning puberty  at your daughter's age . It can be difficult making  the transition into a young lady  from a little girl . It is also true  that other children  can sometimes be  cruel when they notice  changes  in their friends .
There is no failsafe way to ensure  a smooth transition  into womanhood . You can support your daughter by talking to her  about the changes in her body  and teaching her how to take care of herself . Let your daughter  know that she can ask you anything  and you will  do your best  to answer .
Help her select loose-fitting clothes  that will make her body changes less noticeable . Talk to her pediatrician about other ways  to support  her . There is a wonderful book called "What's Happening To Me" ? An Illustrated Guide  to Puberty , By Peter Mayle.


  1. Hi Nee,
    I don't have my email set up with my new sevice provider yet so I am leaving messages all around. Hope to chat soon. I hope you are back online and all fixed. I will leave a letter on Sunday.

    Luv PIC

  2. HI Jeannie , I'm back on line .. slow going got to get the hang of this damn PC Hahahaha , my IM is up leave you a note on Sunday .


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