Thursday, December 14, 2017

Why Black Alabamians voted for Doug Jones

Black voters typically vote overwhelmingly Democratic: they cast ballots for Hillary Clinton nationwide by a 89% to 8% margin in the 2016 presidential race, and even broader margins for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.
But black voters made up 29% of the vote in Alabama in Tuesday's election — a larger-than-expected share more comparable to the composition of the electorate in a presidential race for Obama than an off-year special election. Exit polls also revealed a gender gap that worked in favor of Jones, with women voting for the Democrat with a 57% to 41% margin.
Jones was named the winner Tuesday night, but the margin remained neck-and-neck for the entirety of election night. Leading up to the special election to fill now-US Attorney General Jeff Sessions' former seat, national figures from both parties had stepped up support for both candidates.
Despite accusations against Moore that involved sexual abuse from many years ago, President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee had pledged their support for the Republican candidate last week.
Trump called Jones and graciously congratulated him but I wonder if he was gritting his teeth and making an obscene gesture as he did it.

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  1. Hats off to those African Americans that voted against racism , hate and bigotry and the douche bags that assault girls and women by voting for Jones . We should be ashamed for someone like Moore even was allowed to run for office .

    While happy with the result , I'm wondering what Mr. Jones to help that are the poorest in Alabama , people that want to live justly and pay their bills , but have no decent income to speak of .

    The Democratic Party has a bad habit of asking for help from Minority and women voters and then forgetting them after they are elected . Lets see what happens with Mr Jones .

    I'm glad the Democrats gained another seat but what does it say about Alabama that an accused child molester who yearns for the days of slavery only lost by 1% of the vote in 2017.
    I know it's Alabama and it's the south but can't the strive to come into the 21st century .
    tRUMP tried to enlist the black vote by proclaiming , what the hell you have to lose the answer to tRUmp question is everything including your dignity .
    Great post
    Love Witchy
    PS : I would love to chat Monday .


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