Friday, December 08, 2017

For Pity's Sake ... Stop Climate change



  1. This so sad
    For the sake of all things holy , can't they see they are destroying everything beautiful , Mother Earth and even ourselves ... the hunger is getting worse in third world countries and now it's moving into other parts of the country .
    I hope a lot of people sees what we are doing to our world.
    Love Witchy

  2. I cant bear to see the reports and videos any more. It may be cowardly but my spirit can't stand up to this kind of heart break any more. I hate to let my bears down after all the years I have supported them but all the begging falls on deaf ears. The bears' tragedy has become more than I can take.
    I hope they forgive me
    hope all is well with you
    Love Shadow

    1. I understand how you feel , it's a tragedy that people don't care that it's coming up the ladder and will reach us soon .
      The bears is just a warning .

      Climate change is no joke , it's just a warning .
      The begging falls on deaf ears .
      The bears will forgive you they know you did your best .
      Dad has some food for thought posts , did you see the one I posted ... I guess he put the words of wisdom on them when he posted them ... he has a few more . That man kept everything .
      Everything is well with me and I hope things are well with you .
      Love Witchy


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