Thursday, December 28, 2017

Record Breaking Snowfall in Pennsylvania on Christmas



  1. Howdy Sweetie,
    Hope you are warm and toasty , this weather is a dozzier ... I was watching the video of the snow falling in Erie .
    Gil has been on the phone most of the day talking with the Manager of the property there about the staff .
    James Houser says it snow 57 feet so far and they are expecting more . Gil asked how was the staff holding out , he said fine so far , Gil told him to make them as comfortable as possible .

    I sent you an email , I tried to get on line all evening to put on some posts ... are you having trouble ... well that will just have to wait . If I can I will leave you a note as soon as I can ... keep an eye out for it .
    Love Witchy

  2. PS : The name of the property is Presque Downs and Casino ... that's the one I was at driving the buggy when Susan call out asking if I had on any drawers and Gil was yelling baby keep your legs crossed Hahaha
    Love Witchy

  3. Hahahaha! More fun without drawers. Nice and breezy.
    I think they are in for more snowfall soon up in Pennsylvania. They had more snow than Canada. That's saying something. The only thing we have an overabundance of is snow and, maybe trees. Talk to you very soon my dear. The weather may interfere with reception for a couple more days.
    Be good and keep your drawers on.
    Lotsa love Shadow


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