Sunday, December 03, 2017

For Aunt Jeannie

This what it says 
Scientists sent signal to Aliens on Super  Earth
humans just tried to contact intelligent aliens . On October 16 , 17  , 2017 , and  on the 18th a team of scientists sent a message to aliens . They sent the message via radio waves  and transmitted it 19 times . This helps ensure that all the information reaches it's destination . What's in the message ?

Aunt Jeannie , NASA is reaching out  to the Aliens  , if they get a response  , I  hope  the crazy man is not in office  playing President  , if so we are in trouble  .
We thought you would like these  .
Love you very much .
Jonny and Chris 
Wrote by Jonny


  1. Dear Jonny and Chris
    I have to wonder what the aliens will think of us when they get our messages. If they can laugh, they will probably laugh their two heads and ten tentacles off. I want to know which pieces of music they sent up there. I guarantee there is some Beethoven and some Beatles music in there somewhere.
    I am not sure it was a good idea to give them directions to our solar system. If Stephen Hawking is to believed, all aliens will be unfriendly and rob the earth of it's resources and probably destroy the human race.
    But Doctor Hawking could be wrong. They could be tiny little guys, only six inches tall, who look like Mister-Potato-Head and come here just because they love ice-cream.
    In either case, I look forward to meeting them. Thank you guys for the fun videos. I really enjoyed them. I will try to find a good one for you to pay you back.
    Until then, much love to my junior scientists and thanks again for remembering how much I love space stuff.
    Aunt Jeannie

  2. Aunt Jeannie ,
    The aliens will shake their heads in disbelief ,they will wonder what our brains are made of to elect a crazy man to be the ruler of our country .
    Mr . Hawking may be right again , We learn in our NASA classes that he is about 90% right in his observation of science , he is a genius and have out of body experiences . Aunt Jeannie did you know poppa had out of body experiences , uncle Harvey told us and poppa taught daddy how to control his , maybe that is the reason poppa was so wise .
    Love you

    Aunt Jeannie , we was happy to post the tapes , we will get back into the swing of things to send you fanny and serious things , I think about you often we
    Love to you and family
    Wrote by Jonny and Christalk about you with great pride and respect .


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