Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Please help save the bees


  1. We do need the bees back ....I'm sure you can find a good place to donate ... I do hope so ...if you ask people to help you save them you have to put yourself in the lead and hope they will follow you ... it's hard work and the least little thing they are 'POOF' gone . You have to be the leader because they will learn from you .
    I am trying to build my bear club back up .
    Great Video
    Love PIC

  2. There is a list of places to donate at the end of the video. But the real help is in just planting lots of flowers in your garden. I always tell people to do so. It is the easiest species to save from extinction. Just plant more flowers.
    Love you

    1. I think some or all of the places at the end of the video send you free wild flower seeds.


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