Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Can some one explain what these old folks are trying to do ... besides break their hips?

fail fall old people dominolds poor balance

Maybe this guy knows
movie film old people harmony korine gifmovie


  1. This post is just too funny ,
    I am sure you remember when you was a kid , you would see-saw with another kid .
    The guy with the hammer , I do believe he saw Donald Trump in drag and trying to knock the image out of his head (laughing my butt off )
    Your friend will have her big 50 birthday this year.
    You will not wrinkle soon , Nee says you have your mother's genes .

  2. Old folks is 'craaazy' and dangerous. Nee is lovely and doesn't look her age. '50' is the new '40'. Whatever she is doing...she should keep on doing it. Got to to figure out a special present for her.
    I hope I have Nana's slow aging genes and some of her bright mind genes...but her mean genes she can blow out her skirt. I don't want them...hahahaha!
    Luv Bfly


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