Sunday, December 20, 2015

Junior scientists...This is what Hubble saw right here in the milky way

An image recently captured by the Hubble Space Telescope shows the power of a young star, obscured in a shroud of smoky dust, twin jets of cosmic material blasting out of either side. And it looks remarkably like a lightsaber. According to NASA, "This celestial lightsaber lies not in a galaxy far, far away, but within our home galaxy, the Milky Way. More precisely, it resides within a turbulent patch of space known as the Orion B molecular cloud complex, which is located just over 1350 light-years away." 


  1. Howdy PIC
    go to WAG , stop worrying we are holding our own for this busy season .

    The cubs said they will comment you later , the boys was up at 7:AM after breakfast doing delivery.
    Love PIC

  2. Jonny and Chris5:47:00 PM

    Aunt Jeannie , Outer space is so very pretty , we was almost right , I know we will have to look this up and give a report in our NASA class when we return . we will return to NASA class January 12 ,2016 we will go 2 times a week in the evening 3:30 until 4:45 . In February we will go back to one time a week .
    Chris grandparents is here for the holidays , they came yesterday and brought all of us presents . They went to MeMa first , I bet they left Chris , Sheryl and Bubba big presents there .
    Aunt Jeannie we have been so busy , Eric and Adam is helping us with the large and heavy packages .
    Aunt Jeannie , Jenny said , humans like to explore , that is in our nature , we should divide our resources between saving the planet that we have now and work on a ship that will travel to far or regions , Jenny said we would do better to find or make a wormhole . Jenny told daddy in the time it takes man to figure out what to do , this will be the planet of the Apes . Poppa said maybe that is better , all they do is eat bananas and poop . Poppa is so funny .
    We love you very much aunt Jeannie and wish you a Merry Christmas for all off us .
    Wrote by Jonny

  3. PIC
    Thanks for the update on stats. Very interesting. We are doing okay. I haven't had a lot of time this week to produce any posts but I will try to put a Christmas card on each of the blogs if I get a minute.
    You have a great holiday
    I love you girl

    1. Hey Jonny, Chris,
      You are getting pretty good at this astronomy stuff. I hope you can teach me more about it. I find some of the pictures from Hubble so amazing and beautiful. Even a little scary, because we are so small and live on such a tiny planet.
      So the family is gathering for Christmas. I bet there will be a lot of fun and a lot of presents and a lot of torn up gift wrap, boxes and ribbons.
      Wow! You guys have a real delivery service going. Just like FedEx. I bet you are more busy at Christmas than any other time.
      Hahaha! Jenny and Poppa are so funny. They have the same wacky sense of humor.
      Jenny is right...If we didn't like to explore we would still all be living in the same country, instead of all over the globe. It would be kind of crowded by now.
      I disagree with her on one point. I think this would become the planet of the insects. Ants and cockroaches can survive almost anything and they will eat anything. But speaking of apes, I was at the zoo in London England when I saw a big ape pick up some poo and throw it at the people who were staring at him in his cage. Boy, did they jump out of the way fast but he got a couple of them.
      I agree with Jenny that humans are not the brightest lights on the Christmas tree. We fight over stupid things and don't concentrate our minds and resources on important things. But at least we don't throw poo at each other.
      A very Merry Christmas to the best cubs in the world.
      Love and hugs
      Aunt Jeannie


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