Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hubble Spots a Mysterious Beam

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. found what looks like a cosmic lightsaber in our Milky Way galaxy


  1. Jonny and Chris11:19:00 PM

    Aunt Jeannie , that is a beautiful picture , look like a man climbing a rope in outer space .
    We have not decided if it is a new born star or a dying star . Sha said it may be alight from millions of years ago that is just reaching us .
    Daddy said uncle Jon was telling him about a light beam located in the orion complex a part of orion constellation , a healthy region for forming stars .
    Aunt Jennie , they may be filming another Stars Wars movie in space . Sha just looked it up and said the stream of light is coming from our galaxy about 1,350 miles away .
    Uncle Henry asked us did we ask mama or daddy could we use their computers , Sha said no , we can use them whenever we want to . He told Sha daddy had so much stuff on his , we may break it . Sha said well if and when we do , daddy can get it fix . Uncle Henry told uncle Sal we like uncle Harvey more than we do him and uncle Charles . Uncle Sal told him he like Uncle Harvey better to .
    We think you aunt Jeannie , you are so very sweet , poppa said you are a very sweet person and he was going to spank you . We ask daddy is poppa going to spank you , daddy said if you catch poppa , daddy is so funny .
    We love you aunt Jeannie and we will look it up and tell you what we find . Get well for the holidays and all of next year , we love you very much .
    Wrote by Jonny

  2. Jeannie ,
    This will keep them busy tomorrow .
    Baby is holding up better than my dad , Baby haven't lost her cool (smiling) yet .
    Thanks for caring for my kids .
    PS: You are so right , both of my little women is like their mama . Sha is more quieter than Jen .
    A very proud and humble father

    1. Hi Humble
      I am proud of Nee for keeping her cool for this long. It must a record for that feisty Creole. But if they get under her skin one time too many, I'll feel the shockwaves up here. The kids know you are proud of them.
      Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

  3. Hi Jonny
    Hubble really captured a fantastic event. I didn't know what caused the beam. I thought it could be radiating from a pulsar or be a gamma ray burst from a super nova. But you guessed right when you said it might have come from a newborn star. I think they are called protostars. NASA said the beam was created by materials (cosmic dust and gases ) falling onto a newborn star.
    Sha is right it could be millions of years old. But I like your idea that they are making a Star Wars movie up there....hahahaha! Some movie producers go to any lengths to make their movies believable. I put the video of what Hubble saw on the blog.
    Uncle Henry doesn't realize that mama and daddy trust you guys to treat their computers with respect and not to mess with them.
    Uncle Sal is so funny, but he was telling the truth too. Uncle Harvey has been around you kids forever but your other uncles hardly know you at all. What do they expect?
    I'm not sweet . I'm mean as an angry rattlesnake and Poppa would run away from me. But thank you for saying I'm sweet and for the get well wishes. I love you guys. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas
    May the Force be with you
    Aunt Jeannie


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