Monday, July 13, 2015

The Roving Reporter : A Christian convert, Jindal aims to convert America next---WTF!

                                   Governor Bobby Jindal
             These two ladies says it all , do you not think so ?
On paper, Bobby Jindal has the tools to be a serious contender in the 2016 election. He's a minority, and a Republican. He has the potential to appeal to Indian-Americans who typically vote Democrat, and still garner votes from the GOP base. But the once the rising star is tied for last in the polls in a crowded Republican field. It seems that Jindal is fighting an uphill battle as he tries to convince Americans to make him their next president, but he's personally familiar with unlikely conversions.

I announced I'm running for President. Today I’m asking for your support. You in?
Today Jindal is a proud Christian, who calls himself an "evangelical Catholic," but he didn't begin life in the church. Before he was a Rhodes Scholar and a Brown University graduate at 20, he was the child of Hindu, Indian immigrants, born in Baton Rouge just a few months after his parents arrived. As a child, Jindal requested to go by "Bobby" instead of his given name "Piyush" -- and as a teenager, he also began studying the Bible.

Jindal's story of conversion is almost unheard of. Few Hindus leave their religion, and fewer leave for Catholicism. According to a Pew study, 80 percent of Americans raised as Hindus identify as Hindus in adulthood -- the highest retention rate of any major religion. In fact, in out of the more than 35,000 Americans who participated in that particular survey, none converted from Hinduism to Catholicism.

That's not Jindal's only unique quality. He's also the first Indian-American to become a governor. But as an evangelical Catholic he's in good company, as a whopping 45 percent of Americans call themselves "evangelical" or "Catholic," according to another Pew study.

Jindal often talks about his adopted faith, but he has gone out of his way to avoid acknowledging his old one -- and his status as a minority. He rejects the idea of what he calls "hyphenated Americans," like "Indian-American" and "African-Americans."

He has shown in Louisiana that being a South Asian former Hindu is no barrier to support among conservative white Republicans, but he doesn't poll as well with other racial minorities. Some experts worry that may hurt his chances in the general election.
"The Indian-American community may be dispensable, but I don't think he can really write off all minorities. He can't write off blacks and Hispanics," Shikha Dalmia, a senior analyst at Reason Foundation said. "[His behavior] signals to minorities that what it takes to be a part of the GOP is giving up who you are."
Mr. Humble if you please :

There's something about a presidential candidate in a country built on the principal of church and state separation apparently seeking to convert large numbers of the population to a specific religion that seems troubling to

Jindal has a right to worship or believe in whatever he wants; I will defend that. But, I object to him wanting to force his beliefs on me! He appears to be too extreme in his beliefs and in his policies to govern. Personally, I do not think he has a chance at winning. Thank God!the religious right is just as bad as radical muslims. Both want to force people to believe the way they believe. both are in for a shock when they learn that God is a woman  (smiling) .

From my standpoint, he doesn't have a chance. He hasn't even solved any problems in Louisiana, how is he going to solve any national problems? It will make him a millionaire, but a valid candidate, now way.
Church and state must remain separate so that the laws of our great land support equality for all people. 

Here you see another candidate with a personal agenda for the 2 percent of wealth that supports the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer and the middle class becoming extinct and pushed down to the poor. 

Glad we the people of this great nation have a choice it is called a VOTE. I have a hard time supporting some one that trashed President Obama because of race and ethnic back ground and now thinks we should support a Hindu converted Christian coached by the Duck Dynasty followers. Nah, I don't believe so save your tax payer's money.

The Roving Reporter          G.

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