Friday, July 31, 2015

Real life hero lifts car off crosswalk ----Aunt Jeannie

When you come upon an obstacle in life, whether physical or mental, there are generally two possible solutions: take on the obstruction directly or avoid it by going around. The laid back guy in this clip looks more than in shape enough to compete in an upcoming strong-man contest, and he definitely takes the former approach. Sure, riding his bike past an annoyingly parked car in the way was a viable option, but this man decided to get a little extra workout while out on his cruise.

Usually the work of moving a poorly parked hatchback requires at least some heavy machinery for assistance, but this guy is able to do it only with his brawn. Nonchalant would best describe this muscular man's demeanor the whole time, though. While the stunt is impressive, the way that this clip ends is perhaps best of all.

Aunt Jeannie , hope this make you smile . This guy means business . One of daddy and his  friends jokes when they took a year off from university to travel across  Europe and other countries.
Lets hear it from daddy  (Mr. Humble ).
The Cubs ..we love you

Absolutely cool!  I hate these people who think they are more important than everyone else and rules don't apply to them!
My buddies and I  (5)  was in Paris one New Year's Eve. Tour bus drivers get a huge bonus if they go the entire year with no damage or problems with the bus. This was the driver's last day with none. A car was parked in a way that the bus could never make the turn & couldn't back up. We all got off the bus, picked up the car, carried it across the street to the sidewalk! Can you imagine the driver thinking how drunk he had to be when he went for his car? 

Daddy (smiling)

Thank you my Cubs...This story did indeed make me smile...I would love to have this guy around when I need a tree removed. He made it look so sweat. There is always a solution to every problem in life.
I like Daddy's story too. He and his friends behaved just as young men often do....on impulse and to help someone out. Young men are very strong and I know they had a good laugh about it later.  I'm sure the bus driver was very grateful and he probably joined in the laughter.

I saw something like this, way back in the Stone Age when I was a senior in High-school.
 There was a very popular science teacher at my school, named Mr Caesar. We all just loved him. He made learning fun. He loved a good joke and used to tease his students. One day the football team along with all the senior students, decided to turn the tables on Mr Caesar.
We all made fun of him because he drove a beat-up little Volkswagen Beetle. So the whole football team got together and wheeled the Beetle out of the parking lot, to the front of the school . They carried it up a flight of concrete steps to the front doors which we held wide open for them. They put the car down in the main foyer of the school and then wheeled it down the hall to right outside the classroom where Mr Caesar was teaching his last class of the day. The bell rang and all the students came pouring out of the class (everyone was in on the joke). They all went to their lockers like nothing was unusual and like the Beetle was invisible.  Mr Caesar walked out of the class and nearly smacked into his car. He looked gobsmacked, stunned, shocked. He just stood there with his mouth hanging open. Then he began to laugh and laugh and laugh until he dropped all his papers and  tears were coming out of his eyes. He yelled, "okay guys, that was a really good one. Will you please put my car outside now?" But the football team had gone home and all the students in the hall left the building really quick. So the car was there all night and poor Mr Caesar had to get a ride home from another teacher. He was such a good sport about it that when he got to work in the morning, the car had been put back in the parking lot. It's one of my favorite high-school memories among many.
 Thank you for reminding me of it.
 Much love, Aunt Jeannie

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