Saturday, July 18, 2015

Nuclear Deal with Iran.....Does it Make Sense ?

How to make sense of the nuclear deal with Iran? Is it a necessary compromise that’s preferable to the alternatives ? A feeble sop to Iranian leaders bent on further destabilizing the region? A morally troubling gamble, born of bad options?

 The striking thing about the reaction to the Iran deal is that proponents and opponents are judging it by radically different standards.
Opponents keep saying that this deal isn’t as good as the Obama administration promised it would be and that it violates previous U.S. red lines. That’s true. It allows Iran to keep some enriched uranium. It also doesn’t include anytime, anywhere inspections, starting right away.  Probably, the Obama administration shouldn't have promised to give generous notice before inspections.


  1. Jeannie ,
    Good to see you , hope your recovery is going well .

    I do believe that If the U.S can negotiate to make a deal with Iran to work its way around making nuclear development, things in the world would be better. It could be better financially and politically. I think that It could help out financially is that the U.S will stop economic sanctions that have been causing Iran's economy to plummet.Politically I think that maybe Iran would use their resources for the good of their people not for what they believe should be done.

    On the other side of the coin :

    I don't know if I am completely convinced if the U.S. can come to an agreement with Iran. According to the "Same Deal Different Stories" audio clip by NPR, both countires are reporting different facts to the press. Our side of the story states that we will drop our economic sanctions slowly, once they completed much of their side of the bargain. On the other hand, in Iran the press is saying the sanctions will be dropped immediately. Once the two nations come together to make the final agreement, this crucial detail might come in the way of agreeing on the deal. Also, keep in mind that "Some members of Congress are opposed to the deal with Iran and are actively working to prevent it from being signed." These are only two of many factors pushing the agreement to not be made. As of right now, it may be too early to tell whether or not the nations will sign the deal.

    Making a peaceful deal with Iran would be incredible, but next to impossible. Iran is one of the top terrorist nations in the world, making them a huge threat to the USA. On top of that, they are just not very reliable as said in an installment of the NPR podcast. ( “...Can’t agree with the agreement…” said Peter Kenyon.

    Making a deal with Iran is dangerous enough, but even more so when there is a mutual feeling of distrust and enmity. And not to mention, nuclear weaponry.

    Just my humble opinion

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