Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Humpback Whales Have Returned to Canada.....And Are Now Threatened by Oil Exploration

Once hunted to near extinction, the humpback whales of Canada's Pacific are back in larger numbers and the Canadian government has downgraded their status from "threatened" to one "of special concern".
However, there are concerns that the whales face new risks from increased oil and natural gas exploration.
Brandy Yanchyk reports from the coast of British Columbia.


  1. Just horrible , there are some people in my group that supports the humpback whales and we talked about them at the last meeting . Nanook has grown to take in all endangered speices .

    You got the wrong Reno .... go to SHs on fracking .

    Good post .

  2. Thanks PIC,
    I think your group is to be commended for expanding to include other endangered animals. As you said to me once, we are all in this together. You do good work Sweetie
    Luv you


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