Monday, December 01, 2014

Backlash over Criticism of Obama's Daughters

US President Barack Obama smiles at his daughters Sasha and Malia after he pardoned a turkey during a ceremony at the White House on 26 November 2014 in Washington

President Barack Obama and daughters Sasha (centre) and Malia (29 November 2014)

A congressional aide who recently criticized President Barack Obama's teenage daughters on social media told NBC News on Monday that she would resign.
Elizabeth Lauten, communications director for Republican Representative Stephen Fincher of Tennessee, had said via a Facebook post that Obama's daughters, Malia, 16, and Sasha, 13, needed to show "a little class," complaining they appeared to look uninterested last week during an appearance with their father at a White House pre-Thanksgiving ceremony at which he had "pardoned" a turkey.
Her post unleashed a backlash on social media, prompting Lauten to later apologize on Facebook for her comments.
"I was taken aback that there was a political operative on Capitol Hill who did use the occasion of the Thanksgiving-themed event to criticize members of the presidential family," White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters on Monday.
Earnest said that Lauten's subsequent apology was "an appropriate thing for her to do."
Children of presidents have generally been off limits for criticism in Washington.
"Act like being in the White House matters to you," Lauten said in the Facebook post last week.
She also took a shot at the president and his wife, saying the Obama girls did not have good role models.
On Monday, Lauten told NBC News that her resignation from Fincher's staff was "in the works."
No one in Fincher's office was available to confirm Lauten's plans. 


  1. That old BITCH ... they are teenagers and everyone gawking at them , what a fool Lauten was . I think she was jealous and everyone knows the kids in the White House is off limits .

    Look at the Bush twins ... they would ditched their body guards and go partying and get drunk ... BIG DEAL HUH ??? no because they was white . Some people talk their shit about all men is equal .

    Lauten is lying , The Fincher people asked for her resignation or be fired .

    Elizabeth Lauten is not a good role model for snakes ... to go on social media with that crap .

    Good post
    Love Witchy

  2. Hi Witchy,
    I happen to agree with you on that. The Obamas are held up to intense scrutiny and are not allowed to just be normal humans. They have to be perfect. Other presidents' kids have got away with murder ....other presidents too.
    Lauten is a bigoted bitch.

    Thank you and
    luv you back


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