Thursday, August 02, 2018

Cartoon : A rookie ICE agent's first day on the job

 RubenBolling  Community         Thursday August 02, 2018 
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From   the desk of Witchy :
This did not start with tRump.  He is just particularly cruel and stupid about it.  I don't recall any administration that ever seriously went after employers.  
Whoever we go after does not solve the problem.  There surely are solutions that are pragmatic and address matching immigrants with employer needs, but politics doesn't seem to be about the rational.  This goes back well over a century. Who has been employing all those Europeans overstaying their visas, or working under tourist and student visas without penalty?

I like the cartoon, but Kris (another K) Kobach promoted the “self deportation” regime, where they indeed went after the employers. . . and the teachers, hospitals, renters, and merchants. Alabama put such a law in force. It was illegal to rent to an “illegal,” illegal to teach an undocumented child, illegal to care for an undocumented patient even in an emergency room (where the laws requiring care were still in force), etc.the farmers vote Republican even as they acknowledge that they would go out of business without undocumented workers. They also, incidentally, love their undocumented workers and have mouths filled with praise for their character.
Republicans don’t want to actually get rid of undocumented workers. Why should they? Undocumented workers are a twofer for them. Cheap labor and a handy scapegoat to rile up their base.

It’s the same story that’s as old as humanity itself. If you are going to exploit a group of people it is a much easier thing to do if you vilify and slander them first. It reduces their self-worth making them more tractable, it helps you feel like your exploitation is necessary for their own well-being  and it allows you to retain the respect of your own family as well as esteem in your own community. No one ever says, “these are really good, hard working people, I am going to enslave them”. Much better to talk about “white man’s burden” and all.

Thanks for this cartoon.  The idea of going after the US employers is not  the only way to use the written law to gain a solution.  We need to take the pressure off the boarder and create a way for the employers to hire the immigrants at the US embassy in the countries from which they come.

 Then the ambassador could develop a formula about how much family to bring and create an agreement with the employer about what to pay, how to house, provide healthcare etc so there would not be competition that lowers the wages for Americans for the jobs in question.  There could also be an agreement with the employer to return none citizens to their country of origin when their jobs here are done.  Seasonal workers who move from farm to farm could be hired through farm-co-ops that already exist across our farmlands.  The paperwork would be held by the employer so he would have materials to show ICE when they show up at his door.


  1. Baby,
    I like your style , you have a few rough edges , they will be worked out as time go by and you get more comfortable doing your thing without saying bad words (as your babies say ) .
    Joanna is proud as punch that you kept it clean , she says you may get like your little Man and say bad words in Italian .
    You are my world now and forever .

  2. Anonymous9:23:00 PM

    Hello Nee ,
    Caught Gil here I enjoyed the cartoon , you made some good points , there will always be some shady employers in every business as you well know , but not the one Don started it's about family and it will continue to be so .
    Mae and I want you to keep up the good works .
    You are Mae and my sweetheart .
    Harvey and Mae

  3. Anonymous9:35:00 PM

    Hello Ms. Nee,
    Charles & Charlene here , I like the cartoon , Man told us that's the way a cop acted at the rally Saturday , he didn't cuff or put his hands on anyone , Mr. Harvey put him in his place . I read the Alien Invasion in my Backyard liked it we will get the series when we return home to read to our nieces and nephews they will love them .
    Charlene likes the cooking blog the best , Sha showed her how to search for recipes .
    By now
    Charles and Charlene

  4. Hello Mrs. Nee
    The kids said I had to say hello . So hello , I do like the post , As you know I read the blogs , I miss not following you and Mrs. Jeannie .
    I left 2 or 3 comments for her , she never answer , Mr . Carano said maybe she didn't know who I was , One of the kids showed me how to put my name .
    I will start back commenting again if it's alright , I stopped because of Vixen .


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