Monday, June 18, 2018

Trump Fans...Please take a closer look


Reading my QUORA DIGEST the other day, I noted a reader making this comment:
"I am filled with pride because Trump is the president. What do liberals think about this?"

He was answered by Mathew Stern:
"I have to ask, what about him makes you feel proud? Your answer may say something about President Trump and his supporters, but it says more about you as a person.
 I judge politicians by their actions rather than their ideology. There is plenty about President Trump that seriously concerns me. You can point to the strong economy and prospects for denuclearizing North Korea, but there is also the sense that things can go downhill fast, possibly with a single errant tweet.
He has alienated our closest allies, edged closer to a global trade war, defunded and understaffed critical departments, allowed widespread corruption, dismantled environmental and consumer protection, attacked the free press, sought to undermine the rule of law, and engaged in cruel policies from separating children from their natural parents, who were immigrants seeking asylum, to criminal negligence in hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico. And what if conditions turn negatively against him, like an economic disaster, or the Democrats taking one or both houses in Congress, or if the Mueller investigation leads to indictments against him and his family? How would he react? How would you and other Trump supporters react and feel?"
 I agree with Mr. Stern. If you are filled with pride that Trump is your president, then you have not been reading the same articles that I have. Do more research about him. Dig deep into his past. One or two seemingly good deeds that he has managed does not make up for a plethora of bad deeds. It doesn't make up for racism, xenophobia and misogyny. Did I mention cheating people out of money  with a phony  university and a phony charity? Don't fall for the hype and the rhetoric. The man is a master of lies and deceit. He can twist the truth like a pretzel and use it against anyone who displeases him. Or he may twist it to make himself look good in your eyes and other starry eyed Trump sycophants.
He is only concerned with himself and how he is represented to the American people. Honestly, he is merely acting like a president. Or, at least, the way he perceives a president should act and the emphasis is on 'act'. Apparently he reads very little, not even documents he is required to read, but he watches hours of TV and tweets pretzels until the wee hours of the morning. Other than that, you can  find  him on the golf course. This is not the stuff you want your president to be made of.
Step back and look at the broader view, the big picture. History will not regard Trump in the same light that you do.  They insist on facts.


  1. I never thought in my wildest dreams that America would become the laughing stock of the world .I so agree with you / Mathew Stern on what's his reason to be so in love with Orange Monkey .
    You him the nail on the head and you and Mathew Stern asked the right questions I bet that left the fool with his mouth open catching flies .
    Great job sweetie
    Love Witchy

  2. I am thrilled you agree with Mr Stern and I. I hope many other people share the same sentiments. Everything we said has been said by others.
    By the way, I have been dreaming about you lately quite a lot. I never used to put much stock in dreams until I got older and started to see the patterns and connections to events in my life.
    It's quite odd.
    Glad you are back,
    Luv and hugs


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