Saturday, June 09, 2018

Canada warns immigrants in the US about fleeing to the north

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Canada officials want to make it clear for would-be immigrants looking to cross the US-Canada border that they should do so legally.

According to Newsweek, Randy Boissonnault, an adviser to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is trying to spread the message amid a surge of immigrants in the U.S crossing illegally into Canada, mostly via the Quebec province.

Boissonnault told USA Today, quote, “People seem to think that if they cross the border there’s this land of milk and honey on the other side.” 

In August alone, Royal Canadian police caught more than 5,000 mostly Haitian immigrants trying to cross in the country. 

The ending of the U.S’s Temporary Protected Status has made Canada the closest destination for people fleeing war and natural disasters.

And even though the Canadian government and the Canadian people are very supportive of taking in refugees, fewer people crossing the border are being granted refugee status.
Let's hear from Witchy
We need to stand united with Canada in securing our borders. The U.S needs to take a much tougher stance on these illegals they are costing this country an exorbitant amount of money all courtesy of the American tax payer.
The media also needs to stop playing at the heart strings of the American people when one of these illegals ends up on the wrong side of the fence!
I think Justin should build a wall and have the US pay for it.
If they are illegal while here, what makes the Canadians think they will enter their country legally.  They are, fast, going to find out that this wave of migration is not going to do things legally.

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