Sunday, June 24, 2018

Jeff Flake calls on Congress to stand up against President Trump

Geobeats          June 24th 2018 
Senator Jeff Flake has asserted that his fellow Congressional Republicans need to stand up against President Trump, citing “this crisis we’re in.” 

During an appearance on ABC News’ “This Week” Sunday, the lawmaker said, “A lot of people—Republicans in the House and Senate—look at us with a 14 percent institutional favorability rating and long for the president’s 40 percent. So it makes it difficult for a lot of my colleagues…to say, ‘Hey, let’s stand up to the president.’”

“But we ought to more jealously guard our institutional prerogative in this crisis we’re in,” Flake added. “I think the judiciary has stood up well, the press has stood up well—in terms of institutions that balance—but the Congress has been lacking.” 

He then suggested the Senate should fight, for example, against President Trump’s tariffs on Canada, Mexico, and the European Union, adding, “If we don’t [push back], why are we there?” 

The senator has been an outspoken critic of Trump resulting in the president blasting back by calling him “a Flake.”

According to a report by The Arizona Republic earlier this month, “Trump and Flake’s mutual antagonism resulted in Flake’s poll numbers cratering and led to his October decision to abandon his 2018 Senate re-election bid.” 

Their friction aside, others in the media have also questioned Republicans’ lack of opposition to the president’s often controversial comments and decisions. 
Witchy Sez:
Flake is correct. The GOP is now 100% the party of Donald J Trump (Orange Monkey). That means white nationalism, children in cages, ignorance, juvenile name calling, Russia coverup and widespread corruption.
It is true that we can vote them out but you need to think really hard about who you will be voting in. That is how tRUMP became president.  We need to get rid of all the lobbyists  and the dumb 'A$$ESS'.

Congress and Senate can not change the rules when it suits them. This is not a game. Real people get hurt when politicians do the wrong thing. The Republicans stopped Obama from helping the country and now they are to scared to stop tRUMP from destroying it. The Democrats have no leadership and no real plan. They want to do the right things but don't know how. All of them on both sides are so worried about getting reelected that they won't do what needs to be done. For starters trump has to be stopped, by everyone.
The gutless congress will not do anything to arouse the ire of their tweeter- in-chief. They are afraid tRUMP would start his childish name calling tweeter attack against them & their fragile egos could not take that. There are 3 branches of government for a reason. They are suppose to provide checks & balances against a dictator want- to- be. Or, a leader that has gone senile.

There are 3 separate and equal branches of government and Congress has had the lowest rating of the 3 for about a decade.   Congress had a 9% approval rating in 2013 so they're up 5 points since that exceptionally horrible historical low.  You can't blame their low ratings in 2013 on Trump or their perpetually low ratings for a decade.  

From inauguration 2009 to the end of Obama's first year, he lost 12 points.  Reagan lost 15 points in his first year.  Most presidents approval numbers drop in their first years.  Trump's approval numbers in his first year went up.
This Congress?  This Anti-American, Unpatriotic Congress that has knowingly worked o the detriment of the American People for almost 8 years now?  They don't have what it takes to do anything in defense of America or the American people...that's why the amount of GOP trash that is retiring is at an all time high.
The approval rate has not been above 20% since the do-nothing congress held their secret meeting in 2009 to do nothing to help Obama nor the economy nor the American public.

With all due respect to Flake, why is it always the Congressman that are no longer running for office that want to call Trump out.  Kind of says something about the spine of Congress doesn't it?
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  1. We have all noticed the same thing you have Witchy...only those congressmen who are leaving the building stand up to Trump and gang and express an honest opinion about the legislation being passed by that racist moron. Even the kids of America think Trump is a moron and they are not afraid to say it. Your own son Jonny says Trump is a pitiful selfish old man who bullies people.
    What has happened to the checks and balances ?? I thought they were inviolable and untouchable. Apparently this administration can violate anything they want, even the constitution.
    You're right the Congress is spineless and definitely not thinking about what is best for the American people, only what is good for themselves and their party.
    Great article and comment
    Love you girl

  2. I listen very closely at the talk around me and even the kids join in (Chris/ Jon/ mine ) they all think the same ... why do they wait to leave before speaking up ... I think I know the answer , November is time for re-election and they all know they will not be re-elect ... so what the hell just spill the beans .
    Jonny is right , he thinks like Gil / Dad ... my sons had a great teacher and their daddy is now carrying the torch and teaching them to stand tall and be men .
    American have begin a movement to take our country back from tRUMP and his trolls . I want my kids to know hoe wonderful life is to be free from crazy people leading our country and not be shun because we have a crazy fool for a president .
    Love you back sweetie


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