Thursday, January 25, 2018

Melania Trump makes unexpected Florida trip, skips Davos

 New York Daily News           ELIZABETH ELIZALDE            Jan 25th 2018 
First Lady Melania Trump arrived in Florida unexpectedly Thursday after visiting the Holocaust museum in D.C. and canceling her trip with President Trump to Switzerland.

Trump’s government plane landed in Palm Beach International Airport before her motorcade was seen leaving the airport, CNN reported.

It’s unclear why she was in West Palm Beach. Trump’s spokeswoman didn’t immediately respond to a Daily News request for comment.

Earlier in the day, Trump visited the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., to honor the millions of Jews who were killed by the Nazis and to pay tribute to International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is on Saturday.

“Thank you @HolocaustMuseum for a powerful & moving tour that honors the millions of innocent lives lost, and educates us on the tragedies and effects of the holocaust,” FLOTUS tweeted, along with photos of her touring the museum.

The First Lady was supposed to accompany her husband President Trump to Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum this week.

But she cancelled her trip last minute because of scheduling and logistics issues, the White House said.

Melania Trump’s Florida break comes amid reports about the President’s alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels over a decade ago.

The Wall Street Journal first reported Daniels received $130,000 from Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, as part of a non-disclosure agreement to cover up the affair.

Trump denied the allegations, and Daniels said she’s never received hush money.

Lets hear  from Witchy :  This sh*t will drive you to drink.

I feel for her BUT she and her son basically flew on an empty plane down to Palm Beach. The taxpayer cost of that is thousands and thousands of dollars. When the final tab comes in for this President I think Americans will be floored at what the family cost us. (sorry  tRUMP  lovers, there is no comparison with Obama or Bush, the  tRUMPs  are in a greedy league of their own). Then when we subtract all  his golf days, we will see the insane cost of paying this guy and his family for very few days work. Nauseating family - and soon impeachable.

As far as his cheating ways, yes, since she was one of the women he cheated with while married to Marla. As for his becoming POTUS, I seriously doubt that. Just look at some of his rhetoric during the primaries and campaign, and I am not talking about his "nicknames" of his opponents. Every time he opened his mouth, he said something more outrageous than before, yet those red states ate up every lie out of his mouth.


  1. Of course that poor woman is running away from the scandal. I too feel sorry for her but they are both good at throwing money away. However when she was the other woman she had no moral qualms about what she was doing.
    Going to WAG
    Love Shadow

  2. Malania is what you call a woman with no morals when it comes to what she wants . Maybe she has learned that what go around comes back around to bite you on your musty butt . He He
    Love Witchy


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