Sunday, January 14, 2018

Look up hypocrisy on Google... You'll find this video

In spite of Africa being a 'shithole country' ( Trump doesn't know it's  the world's second largest  continent) Mr Trump has nothing but praise for Doctor Martin Luther King. You will notice that his speech was written for him and he is reading it without much enthusiasm.


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  1. tRump can't read or have an understanding about anything on world affairs ... he thinks he is king , he was almost at the top of the ladder until his lies caught up with him , hw will fall and hit the ground hard .
    The comedians don't have to write their jokes any more ... they tune into the latest on tRUMP and they have so many choices .
    Hawaii had a bomb scare this morning and lets lay the blame where it should be on the fool in the White House and his school boy antics with North Korea.
    Great videos
    Love Witchy


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