Monday, May 02, 2016

Remembering You while 'the daffodils bloom'


Reflections of you, I cherish and keep.
You are not gone - You do not sleep.
You are the sunshine that melts away the snow,
The whorls in our stream that curl and flow,
You are the gentle, quickening, springtime rain,
That coaxes the daffodils back again.
And the melody in my heart that still refrains.

In the lonely, darkest hour of night,
You are my solace and my light.
When I wake in the early morning hush,
You are the birds taking flight in an upward rush.
You do not sleep, you are not gone, 
You're with me still at each new dawn.

To Leslie with love from Eileen ( my Mom)
Written byThe Genie


  1. Just beautiful ... the song is lovely ... the daffodils is waving ever so lovely in the breeze .
    What a lovely tribute to your 'Da' ... the Major .
    Thanks for sharing .
    Love PIC

    PS: you need to put a label ... to share it with the world . ... just a thought .

  2. Thanks PIC and Thanks for the label. The daffodils are extra beautiful this year and the white owns are thriving.
    Luv PIC


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