Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Have you ever seen it rain teddy bears?

Bears on ice….Over 28,000 bears were tossed onto the ice during a hockey game, when Jordy Stallard of the Calgary Hitmen scored the first goal.  Have no fear…these teddy bears are being used for good, not evil. As part of an annual tradition in its 21st year,  teddy bears are tossed onto the ice at the first goal. ( those Canadians and their damn hockey). Last year, fans hurled a record 28,815 teddy bears during the Teddy Bear Toss. All of the bears are donated to several charities,  ensuring that they will find a good home over the holiday season.  So if you’ve never seen a hailstorm of teddy bears, now is your chance!


  1. PIC ...
    Found a new way to feature our favorite blog posts ... Gil said it would be a good way to draw attention to your poems and I should start writing about my inner thoughts again ... we can change them over as regular as we like .
    I hope you like the idea I use The Major's daffodils ... maybe you can show them on your lappy to Nana . I put the one you wrote for Nana on the sidebar on Maxy , take a look .
    Let me know what you think HUH ???
    Love BAW

  2. I think it is gal-damn awesome. Nice call PIC. Kudos to you.
    Just love it

  3. I put Nana's on Maxy ... did you see it ?
    Love PIC

  4. I saw that one too and it looks great. You are Mrs Smarty Pants. We are getting classy now. Now we have do some good posts. hahahahaha!
    Love it


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