Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ask Maxy

Dear Maxy ,
I am petrified  because  of this  Ebola  madness , I live in Texas  for God's  sake .
As it is , I don't  like flying  . Now  I hardly  want  to go out  my house . I'm supposed  to fly to  Washington D.C.  to visit  my family  for  Christmas  and it's time to buy  my ticket .  How  can I know  if  I will be on a flight  that's safe ? What should I do ?
Scared  Flightless
Dear Scared  Flightless,
You should  be  concerned  about  what your  next  steps should be, especially  during  the  holidays . Pay special attention  to the 'Center for  Disease Control  and Prevention'  website  that will be giving  updates  on travel  recommendations  and Ebola  in general . The  going wisdom  on prevention  of  contracting  this  deadly  disease  is to keep yourself, particularly your hands, antiseptically clean and stay away  from infected  people  . For  details  , visit  .

Dear Maxy ,
I live  in a  large  condo building . Most  of the occupants  are lovely, but one woman  is extremely bossy  and always involved in projects . For  some reason  she expects  me to do all her  legwork  and  of  course, takes full credit .
I work from home . She  doesn't  like  taking  no  for an answer, so she was constantly  texts, calls  and  hounds  me until I give in . How  can I politely tell her  I'm too busy  and would  prefer  that she  leave me along ?
Sick of  being  bossed
Dear Sick ,
You need to acquire a little back bone and stand up for yourself. She will never  give  up  if she knows  you will eventually  give in . She thinks you are a pushover.
Prove her  wrong . Be polite but keep saying  no . Don't answer  her texts  or  calls . Write "Sorry , I can't help you," on a piece of paper  and read it to her  as many times as  necessary . Persevere and eventually it will penetrate a  hide even as tough as hers.

Dear Maxy ,
I appreciate  the information  on ovarian cancer  and that September  was ovarian cancer  month . I am writing to  find out  whether you are aware of any support  walks , bike rides , etc., to advance people's awareness of ovarian cancer ? My aunt  was recently diagnosed  and I have been disappointed  in the lack of information . I recently  moved to Sarasota  and found  out that the only chapter  in Florida  for ovarian cancer  is in Tallahassee . If  you have any thoughts , please  let me  know .
---- S.
Dear S. ,
There  are  various  walks  and rides  for  ovarian cancer  scheduled throughout  the  year, although I cannot promise  that there are any are in Sarasota . For  information, support  and scheduling, please  look into  the  Ovarian Cancer  Research Fund( ),  the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance ( ), the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition ( ), and the American Cancer Society ( ).

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