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Live Tweets on Hurricane Sandy

    Hurricane Sandy, has pounded the north-eastern US, leaving at least 32 people dead and more than 8m homes without power
  • New York and New Jersey have been declared "major disaster" zones, amid serious flooding fuelled by record tidal surges
  • A week before the US election, President Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney have suspended campaigning. All times EDT
Live Text

  1. The BBC's Helena Merriman
    tweets: Now driving through snow in West Pennsylvania

  2. 1616:
    New York radio host John Hockenberry, says that the radio has become the only consistent source of information to New Yorkers without power and internet connections. He says water is still standing in parts of Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan and that the sheer ferocity of the storm has "humbled" New Yorkers.

  3. 1615:
    Water Street and Plymouth, in Brooklyn, New York, was completely underwater when Rondell Meeks took this picture on Tuesday morning.

  4. Flooded street in Brooklyn

  5. 1606:
    Sara Misenas, pictured here in front of an uprooted tree in Mohegan Lake, New York, told the BBC: "This morning was windy and the fire department were closing roads and attending to live wires caused by the high winds."
    Sara Misenas in front of an uprooted tree in Mohegan Lake, New York

  6. 1602:
    President Obama at the Red Cross headquarters. On Tuesday, he also held a conference call with state governors and city mayors responding to the storm aftermath, and he is scheduled to survey storm damage in New Jersey on Wednesday.

  7. President Barack Obama at the Red Cross HQ

  8. 1559:
    In Little Ferry, New Jersey rescue crews have been using boats to reach stranded citizens:

  9. Crews use boats to rescue people stranded in Little Ferry, New Jersey

  10. 1548:
    A jet bridge dangles over floodwaters at New York's LaGuardia Airport, in this image tweeted by US airline JetBlue:

  11. An airport boarding gate in flood waters at LaGuardia Airport, New York

  12. Neil, in Little Silver, New Jersey,
    emails: I'm a Brit in New Jersey without power. We've been told that we could be without until 5 November. I am stunned that very few people here (in public office or the general public) question the unfit for purpose nature of a network of overhead power lines serving the majority of one of the most affluent regions in the US.

  13. Tim Tyler, Morristown, New Jersey
    emails: We are lucky to be in one of the few communities in north-west New Jersey where significant numbers of businesses have electricity. So many people in the area are coming here to get out of the cold and find something to eat. Trees are down everywhere, but at least there's no flooding here this time, unlike Hurricane Irene.

  14. 1520:
    Weird! This boat was found washed up by the storm on railway track near Ossining, New York state, this morning:

  15. A boat on the Metro-North tracks north of New York City

  16. 1515:
    Another remarkable story of emergency workers' response to the storm: Emily Rahimi, a woman who has spent seven years with the New York Fire Department, single-handedly manned the department's Twitter feed all night long, co-ordinating with dispatchers on behalf of stranded residents, as well as providing advice and moral support online.

  17. 1512:
    It's worth noting that Governor Christie is a valued surrogate for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, although he is widely seen as a possible contender himself for a White House run in 2016, should Mr Obama win a second term in next week's election. Gov Christie's generous praise of President Obama's storm response as "wonderful", "outstanding" and "excellent" has set tongues wagging among the political classes in the Beltway.

  18. 1507:
    President Obama is going to visit the state of New Jersey tomorrow to survey the damage. He is expected to meet the state's Republican Governor, Chris Christie, while he is there, speak to residents and thank emergency responders.

  19. 1503:
    In his visit to the American Red Cross HQ in Washington DC, President Obama sent a strong message to federal agencies, telling them he did not want bureaucracy and red tape to get in the way of delivering an effective response to areas hit by the storm.

  20. Jack Cooke in Staten Island, New York
    emails: I feel lucky to have power, although there is spotty cellphone service and web access. I lived in Florida for several years, and experienced several hurricanes, but have never seen such devastion.

  21. 1450:
    President Obama has issued new warnings about the possibility of more flooding and damage in the aftermath of Sandy. In a visit to the HQ of the American Red Cross, he warned the storm is "not yet over", and pledged to keep up the government's response over the coming weeks.

  22. 1448:
    Chris, a photographer for the Coastal Point newspaper on Fenwick Island, Delaware, said: "Daylight brought the views of boats taken off lifts, broken off mooring lines, washing up in people's yards; roofing has come off houses. We still have absurdly high tides and until they recede, we won't have a clear perspective of the damage that has occurred."

  23. 1442:
    The Washington Post reports that schools in the US capital will re-open on Wednesday.

    Enterprise shuttle
    Laura Trevelyan BBC News, New York
    has been out on the streets of New York. She says:
    It's a post-apocalyptic scene in lower Manhattan today. The streets are deserted, there is no electricity and there is debris everywhere - mattresses, sandbags swept away by the superstorm, tree branches.

  2. 1418:
    The death toll is now thought to have risen to 38, according to the Associated Press. Earlier reports said there had been 32 fatalities across the US.

  3. 1402:
    The French transport ministry has said that at least six French citizens boating in the Caribbean are still missing after they disappeared during Hurricane Sandy's storm swell. Officials told the Sipa news agency that the group disappeared between the islands of Martinique and Dominica on Sunday.

  4. Troy Graham reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer
    tweets this picture of boats piled on shore: Boats piled up everywhere. #sandyinphilly pic.twitter.com/Ofrt0a2l

  5. New York Times
    tweets: Blizzard conditions have spread over parts of Tennessee, W. Virginia, Maryland, Virginia & N. Carolina: http://nyti.ms/Ssr9sM
    The White House says the president was updated through the night as Hurricane Sandy carved its way up the coast, signing two declarations of disaster in the small hours. He's earned praise from one leading Republican, the governor of New Jersey Chris Christie - he said the president had been outstanding and deserved great credit.

  7. Stephen Jordan in New Jersey
    emails: I live in the Rockaway area of New York. I'm staying in New Jersey and we are safe. But the pictures from Rockaway are horrific. I can't get back in as bridges are closed. Friends there say they can't find their cars.

  8. 1336:
    New York City engineers and fire department inspectors are planning to climb 74 flights of stairs to inspect a Manhattan construction crane that's dangling from a luxury high-rise building, Associated Press reports.

  9. Davey Davis in New York
    took this picture of half-submerged cars near Goldman Sachs' building in New York City after Sandy.
    Cars half-submerged in Manhattan Photo: Davey Davis
    He said: "I think the cars must have been parked in an underground car park that then got flooded. The cars then seemed to have floated up and crashed into each other."

  10. New Jersey governor Chris Christie
    tweets: The NJ_TRANSIT system has experienced unprecedented devastation. Service will not resume until it's repaired, safe, & secure. #Sandy

  11. Shahnaz Hussain, Manhattan, New York
    emails: I live not too far from One57 - the building a crane is dangling from - and it is not a pretty picture. Window panes were flying off buildings in the area and were striking my apartment building. At first I thought it was very large hail.

  12. 1320:
    More than 100,000 have been left without power in the DC metro area, according to the Washington Times.

  13. NYC Mayor's Office tweets: Alternate side parking and meter regulations are suspended citywide tomorrow. #Sandy

  14. 1314: Jaimie Buchanan, Preston, UK
    emails: My mum and stepdad live in the Breezy Point area of Queens, New York, along with my stepdad's 95-year-old mother who has Alzheimers. They evacuated to Manhattan on Saturday. Breezy Point has been badly affected, with homes destroyed by fires and flooding... The evacuations were pretty late and badly organised, with many people having nowhere to go.

  15. 1312:
    The New York Stock Exchange is due to reopen on Wednesday after Wall Street was shut down for the last two days.

  16. 1253:
    Morgan Groarke, an Irish electrician who lives in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, emails: "We lost power at 7:00pm yesterday. There are a lot of trees down and we witnessed transformers blowing out. For commuters using NJ transit, we have no idea when we will be able to commute into NYC. The wind was as strong as you would get during a storm back in Ireland, but over here the key differences are the wooden-structure homes (our house swayed over and back last night), basements prone to flooding, huge oak trees in your back garden (not suitable for suburbia), and densely populated areas in proximity to water. I'm getting many calls today, mainly to help hook up generators."

  17. 1245:
    Sandy, still classified as a post-tropical cyclone, is expected to turn north and track back into New York state tonight, before heading into Canada on Wednesday, the National Hurricane Center says.

  18. 1246:
    Sandy is gradually weakening as it heads west across the state of Pennsylvania. Winds are down to 45mph (72km/h), the National Hurricane Center says. But high-wind warnings are still in place for the central and southern portions of the Appalachian mountains and the Finger Lakes region. Winter weather advisories are also in place for the eastern Tennessee, eastern Kentucky and western North Carolina.

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