Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun

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Aside from picking out a couple of spelling and grammar mistakes, I liked this concept.
Personally, my list included:
- A vase of artificial flowers
- Mike from American Pickers
- A rice cake
What would you have with you, to aid you in the Apocalypse ??


  1. I would like to see the 'Orange Monkey" out of the White House and back in Russia .
    I know that's asking a lot but it would make me happy . Hahahaha!!1
    Love Witchy

  2. If I really had a choice about the three things I could have in a Zombie apocalypse.... I would have a big arsenal of weapons, a fort and two tons of canned tuna. And one extra thing...a good looking guy who is an excellent shot.
    Love Shadow


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