Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ancient Aliens ??

Here is a photo of what looks like an astronaut on a pillar at Salamanca Cathedral Church, Spain. The church took nearly two centuries to build (1600s-1800s), but why then would they have carved such a figure into stone? What else could it possibly represent? An alien? Yikes!

Perched on a façade over the northern entrance of a 300-year-old cathedral in Salamanca, Spain, is a carved figure remarkably reminiscent of a modern astronaut. Construction of the cathedral was started in 1513 and completed in 1733.
Instantly, the mind questions what the eyes see. Theories of ancient aliens, time travel, or perhaps the sculptor had the supernormal power of foresight. And, although the world today still holds many mysteries, the mystery of the Salamanca Cathedral Astronaut has a much more down-to-earth explanation.
Salamanca, Spain, is home to two cathedrals. The “Old Cathedral,” simply known as “Catedral Vieja,” which was constructed in about the mid-12th century. As such, it may be one of the oldest cathedrals in Europe.
The other cathedral, known as the “Catedral Nueva” or “New Cathedral,” which is no longer new by today’s standards but was new when it was first called such.

It’s on the New Cathedral’s entrance that the astronaut appears, running laterally, parallel to the entrance. He sits perched on a stalk complete with boots, helmet, and what appears to be a breathing apparatus on his chest with tubes stretching to a pack on the rear of his suit. He is grasping with his right hand what appears to be a vine acting as a harness of sorts running across his waist. His left hand is grasping a nearby leaf for support. His face reflects a rather bewildered expression.
But, how could this be? Astronauts didn’t exist when the cathedral was constructed. It would appear that the carving is actually part of restoration that was done to the cathedral in 1992. At that time, the “Puerta de Ramos” (this is the name of the New Cathedral’s entrance) had seen significant damage over the past few centuries. The addition was purportedly added by stonemason Miguel Romero and possibly overseen by Jerónimo García de Quiñones, according to Ancient Code: Deciphering History Together. Following tradition, restoration on cathedrals often includes something from modern times, in this case, the restorers chose the figure of an astronaut.
But look at this:

View of a lintel at the ancient Egyptian temple to Osiris at Abydos, Egypt.
Tell me if you see a helicopter, motorboat and spaceship. Can you explain it?

Alien looking Egyptian artifact. The lower arrow points to a spaceship shooting deadly rays at a man
See video below for further explanation

Mayan artifacts look like space ships, flying saucers

Found at a dig in Mexico
Think we've been visited before???


  1. Jonny and Chris1:21:00 PM

    Aunt Jeannie , this is so cool , we are studying ancient aliens in Science Port , homework is watch the Ancients Aliens on TV , the program come on every Saturday morning , we watch it and make our report , we named our group Looking Beyond the Stars there are four of us all boys .
    The Ancients Aliens may be our forefathers that was looking for a home compatible to their world , found some living things here and started mixing their DNA with the different types of animals , maybe that is why there are so many funny looking people with bird and animal heads , we decided that people can wrap parts of their body to change the shape but not like these aliens look .
    There are to many things you see now that man have not figured out how they was made or have the knowledge to do them in this day and age , we think there is a gateway to other worlds , some may be buried in the chambers of the Sphinx and other things that was built , like was the Mayans Ancient Aliens , they left a message for 2012 no one has figured out what that mean and what happen to them , how did they know to draw or carve things that they knew nothing about ? Some say they said those gifts was from the gods , some say we only use 10% of our brain but a few use a lot more of their brain .
    We asked our teacher this and he said he didn't have a clue and maybe the ones that use more of their brain has higher IQs . We told mama that daddy had a high IQ , mama started laughing and said she always knew something was wrong with daddy , she said daddy is a freaking Aliens and ran out the house to MeMa .
    We are feeling better , mama said we could go back to school Monday poppa and aunt Mae is better .
    Aunt Jeanie , wishing you and all your family happiness and good health , we all love you very much .
    Wrote by Jonny

  2. Hi Jonny
    What a great idea to start a group with people who are interested in studying the same things you are. You can have some pretty fascinating discussions. It's a well founded theory that earth has been visited by alien races. It's a feasible argument and there are things to back it up. I found lots of other ancient carvings and drawings that just defy logic. There is no other explanation for them.
    It also seemed to me that we made a huge leap in evolution from bi-pedal hominid to a thinking, reasoning, problem solving, emotional human being. Somewhere in there maybe some alien DNA was added to speed our brain development along. Scientists have always claimed there is a missing link in our evolution. Well, alien DNA may be the answer.
    If we accept that theory, it stands to reason some of the aliens stayed on earth to check on their experiments.
    Or another theory might be, a spaceship crashed here and the aliens were stranded and became god-like leaders to the primitive people. They had to live out their lives here and may very well be buried in the Sphinx or deep under the pyramids of Giza.
    I think we all have the same brain potential but some people have the ability to access more of it than others. They have a couple more gigs on their hard drive. As we evolve I think everyone will learn to access all of their brain. The aliens gave us too much brain for us to handle right now. That's another odd thing that doesn't seem to make sense but some day it might.
    Your Mama is funny. Maybe she's the alien. Personally, I think Mr Trump is an evil alien sent down here to ruin everything the good aliens have done for us.
    I am happy to hear you are all feeling better. These viruses are much harder on older people so it's good to hear Poppa and Aunt Mae are recovering. Please give them my regards. Much love to you all. And thank you for your kind wishes.
    Your slightly alien and definitely weird Aunt Jeannie.


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