Monday, September 26, 2016

Save the Day - register to vote now

The world's biggest celebrities explain why it's Important that you vote on November 8

Go to to register


  1. He is so right , you have to cast your vote and not wait on others to do your duty .
    On the other hand if you don't cast your vote ... you have no reason to complain .
    check stats on FTBB , Obama / Jim Carrey 2 posts , they are blowing the roof off .
    Love you and wishing you and yours well .
    Love PIC

  2. There were a lot of celebrities on that video and some of them advised against voting for Trump. I hope they have some influence. Who knows ?
    Luv PIC

  3. Trump don't have the following he claims . Did you watch the debate tonight ... he was trying so hard to keep his cool ... we are wondering why was he breathing so hard .
    Trump was trying to get Hillary to lose her cool ...
    He pretend he didn't hear the question ... he is just a dumb asshole .
    Love PIC


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