Friday, April 22, 2016

[UPDATE] Prince's autopsy completed, body to be released to family

AOL.COM EDITORS        Apr 22nd 2016 2:35PM
Following a four-hour autopsy on Prince's body, the Chief Medical Examiner for the Midwest Medical Examiners Office released a statement on Friday regarding the status of the exam.

Noting the necessity of gathering "relevant information" regarding Prince's family and medical history, the statement explained that full results for the autopsy could take up to a few weeks.

Martha Weaver, the spokesperson for the Examiners Office, wrote, "As part of the complete exam, relevant information regarding [Prince's] medical and family history will be gathered. Anything which could be relevant to the investigation will be taken into consideration."

"Midwest Medical Examiners Office will not release information until the exam is complete and all results are obtained," the statement continued. "Gathering results will take several days and the results of a full toxicology scan could likely take weeks."
Prince's body was found unresponsive on Thursday morning in an elevator at his Minnesota estate, Paisley Park. Despite attempts by deputies and medical personnel to perform CPR, the singer was pronounced dead on the scene just after 10 a.m central.

His death came just one week after his plane made a mysterious emergency landing in Moline, Illinois, on its way back to Minneapolis following a show in Atlanta.

According to reports, the landing came after the plane had called in a medical emergency for an "unresponsive male." Though there were conflicting reports as to what Prince's symptoms were at that time -- his publicist noted flu-like symptoms -- some sources are saying that the star had overdosed on Percocet prior to the landing.
More to come on this developing story.

Witchy's  sidenote  :
Prince has been known to live a clean life, which did not include alcohol or drugs. He was also vegan, health conscious and spiritual. He had hip problems the past couple years that caused him considerable pain. If meds were involved, I'm giving the benefit of the doubt, that it was accidental. As for having it all, he only had it all until his young son died and his marriage fell apart. It's been reported that he's never been the same. It's best to wait for the autopsy and toxicology reports.

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  2. I had to put my 2 cents in ... checking the web ... lots of people are saying negative things about him , these are true facts about Prince . I got this information about Prince .

    Rock Artist
    Prince Rogers Nelson, known by his mononym Prince, is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor, and has been a major... Wikipedia
    Born: June 07, 1958, Minneapolis, MN
    Spouse: Manuela Testolini (m. 2001-2006), Mayte Garcia (m. 1996-1999)
    Children: Boy Gregory Nelson
    Height: 5' 2" (1.58 m)
    Net Worth: 250,000,000 (2011 - United States dollar)
    Label: Columbia Records, Arista Records, Warner Music Group, ETC....

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