Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dear Maxy ,
I met a guy at a social event who cornered me and told me the saddest sob story about his life .
I wanted to be nice to him , but it was the wrong setting to have that type of discussion . Plus , I'm not a therapist . He was so persistant that he got my card . I don't want to conutine the conversation , though . I cannot help him . He needs help .
When he calls , which I am sure he will , what should I say to him ?


 Dear Cornered ,
When this man calls , tell him that you think he deserves to have a professional help to support him through this time in his life . Admit that you do not have the skills to help him . In the future , if someone corners you at an event , you can end the conversation . Say goodbye and walk away . If asked to get together privately , just say you can't .


Dear Maxy ,
In our small social group, the wives insist on attending a local social event in which the husbands have zero interest . When I suggest politely that the wives go without us , they become irritated and veto this plan .
 know a husband who drags his wife to sporting events where she wears earplugs and reads a novel . Why do people insist that their spouses attend events whether they want to or not ? Is it power and control ? A test of one's loyalty ? Please urge your readers to attend these things with those that enjoy them and allow the rest of us to bow out .

Resents Going

Dear Resents Going , There are myriad reasons that people do this , although some simply want their spouses to enjoy what they do and keep them company . I agree that if it's the same event repeatedly , you shouldn't have to keep going ... provided your spouse has someone else with whom to attend .


 Dear Maxy ,
What do you think of parents who invite everyone they know to their birthday parties for their children who are under 5 ? It's like Christmas in January , May and September , and then it's Christmas .


 Dear Disgusted ,
I find nothing unusual here . These parents are celebrating their young children's birthdays and hoping their friends and relatives want to celebrate , too .
f you feel the gift giving is too much , it's perfectly okay to send regrets .


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