Thursday, November 02, 2017

The life and times of Teeny Tiny Trump


T Tiny Trump Meets Justin Trudeau


T Tiny Trump and Putin

T Tiny Trump Throws a Tantrum


T Tiny Trump on Vacation with Obama

T Tiny Trump at Oval Office Desk
T Tiny Grumpy Trump

T Tiny Trump says goodbye to Justin Trudeau


T Tiny Trump out for the day with friends

 T Tiny Trump Selfie

T Tiny Trump and Melania


T Tiny Trump as Dr. Evil


T Tiny Trump at Work


T Tiny Trump on CNN


T Tiny Trump Coloring


T Tiny Trump and the Secret Service


  1. Oh Shadow ,
    I love them and they are just like tRUMP , he acts like a spoiled brat Hahahaha .
    Gil says you haven't lost your sense of humor and you need it at times like these .
    Love it

  2. So happy you like them. Maybe I'll do a series
    Love Shadow

  3. do one ... our viewers needs to have a good old belly laugh
    Love Witchy


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