Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The fire roars as it devastates beautiful Northern California and it's people



  1. I feel for everyone there , one disaster after another , there's been about 2,000 homes / business/structures and hundreds of acres lost so far and a lot of lives .Dad /Gil left Sunday night going there to see things first hand .
    Gil said they have the fires under control about 30 /40% . They say Rhonda is stressed out and Dad told her whatever happens she still have her life to do whatever she want to do and he will help her anyway he can . Gil said she cried and told him she never stopped loving him . Dad told her not to worry .
    FTBB / SHs stats is on WAG .
    Love Witchy

  2. This is so tragic my friend,
    Allied countries should be sending more fire fighters to help them. But they don't like Mr Trump. We feel so sad for the folks who have lost everything. And some people got trapped by the fire and died. The fire moved so quickly.
    love Shadow


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