Saturday, September 30, 2017

Report: Trump privately questioning Ivanka and Jared Kushner’s WH roles

GEOBEATS            September  30th 2017 
President Trump has reportedly been asking close friends and advisers for their thoughts about having daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner in the White House--namely, “whether having his family members in the government is creating too much noise.” 

Politico, which reported the account, citing multiple inside officials, adds that one source pointed out that “the president's concern about their current roles was not driven by any sense that they were unable to serve appropriately, but out of a desire to protect his daughter and son-in-law.” 

They have been lightning rods of controversy since joining the administration; for example, Ivanka was widely criticized for temporarily taking her father’s seat during the G20 summit in July. 

The president ended up defending her on twitter which prompted more controversy. 

Ivanka has also been called over specific incidents like her limited response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, and general grievances like not speaking out against some of her father’s more extreme views. 

“There’s a level of viciousness that I was not expecting," Ivanka told 'Fox & Friends' in a June interview. "I think some of the distractions and some of the ferocity, I was a little blindsided by on a personal level.”   

Meanwhile, Kushner, a White House senior adviser, has also been embroiled in some potentially serious legal issues since taking the public sector job. These include multiple omissions on security clearance forms, recent reports that he had used a private email address to communicate about government business, and allegations that he may have had improper contacts with Russia. 

“Jared is doing a great job for the country," the president defended Kushner back in May. "I have total confidence in him.”

Let's hear it from Witchy :

tRUMP  didn't exactly  "hit the ground running"  with his new job.
Too bad there is no one that can advise him ... he's got to go.
There is a law that prohibits family members from being employed by the WH.  It was put in place after the Kennedy administration.  At the time there was a joke that JFK stood for 'Jobs for Kinfolk. ' Jared and Ivanka do not belong on staff at the WH.  They don't have the qualifications, they were not elected, and their presence is generally irritating to a lot of people Libs and Conservs.
And laws were enacted by a Republican Congress that  tRUMP  is playing fast and loose with , and repaying political favors !
tRUMP  is a mentally disturbed man. people need to stop rationalizing his behavior.
Kushner's lawyer is going to tell him to get out because he can be forced to reveal what  tRUMP  has said.  So tRUMP  finds this out and all of a sudden it's HIS idea.  he's so stupid that he thinks everyone lives in his alternate world.  No donnie,  just about 1 in 3.
tRUMP your kids  have no business being in the White House.  Not elected, not qualified.  It has done nothing for them but cause problems for them and  tRUMP, who totally is not qualified.
Now a word to Ivanka : 
Dear Ivanka, The "viciousness" you complain about stems from your husband's shadiness, and his repeated attempts to get away with lying about all his "honest mistakes" with transparency. He's either really dumb, or just as big a liar as your daddy.
Nuff sez : HeHe 


  1. Awesome post and personal input. Apparently Trump can get away with anything: lies, nepotism, collusion with Russia. The guy is made of Teflon. Things that would have got other presidents impeached just bounce off Trump's hide.
    Great job Witchy
    lotsa love

  2. Thank you so very much .
    I think the republicans had their heads in the sand , went along with tRUMP wishing he had a little knowledge rolling round in that orange thing he call a head Hahaha! Now some is beginning to come out their slumber ... I hope it's not to late .

    Love you


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